The Walking Dead: Negan's Dialogue Is Spot On In Season 7

Aside from his infamous, brutal entrance in issue #100 of The Walking Dead's comics, Negan is best [...]

Negan Censored

Aside from his infamous, brutal entrance in issue #100 of The Walking Dead's comics, Negan is best known for the way he talks. The character has some of the most entertaining, manipulative, sociopathic lines of dialogue on Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's pages. As you almost certainly know by now, it is largely defined by the inappropriate language laced into it, but take it out, and you still have some great metaphors, belittles, and colorful conversations in any comic book.

A lot of that dialogue will be coming to The Walking Dead TV series in season 7 and although it won't contain the F-bombs we've come to love on those black and white pages, it will convey the Negan we love to hate.

Writing a the cover story for the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, reporter Dalton Ross visited the set of The Walking Dead and caught a few of Negan's upcoming lines for himself. "Are you getting f---ing uppity on me?" Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character asks Alexandrians in one scene, forcing the crew to contain their laughter as they know it's another take they won't be able to air. "I can't be the only one to notice you got a f---ing fat lady in charge of keeping rations, right?" Negan asks rhetorically. "How about a f---ing thank you? I want you to say f---ing thank you! How about a f---ing thank you, or is that too much to f---ing ask for?"

Though the fact that Negan will have lines similar to those is exciting for fans, Morgan is fully aware that the foul language laced takes won't make the cut. "We push it as far as what I can and can't say," he says. "I'll throw in s---s and hells and Jesus Christs and goddamns everywhere I can, but even that there's a limit to. Then they turn me loose. Someone will say, 'Okay, it's time.' That's all I need to know. That's when I just go f---ing nuts, and I'll add all the f---s and all the original Negan language. So I memorize it two ways: I learn what's okay for TV, and then I learn the Negan way, which is nothing barred... And I will add every f---, f---ing, f---edy f---, and more, just to f---ing get a reaction."

Though the scenes won't make cable, there is hope we see full-on comic book adaptation Negan in the season 7 blu-ray. When the season 6 set arrives later this month, it will feature an alternate, swears included version of that iconic last scene of the season which saw a contained-to-cable version of Negan back in April.

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