‘The Walking Dead’ Star Once Actually Hit Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the Face “Real Hard”

The Walking Dead’s Pollyanna McIntosh accidentally hit co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the face [...]

The Walking Dead's Pollyanna McIntosh accidentally hit co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the face "real hard" when Anne, then Jadis, kidnapped Negan at gunpoint.

"You really knocked Jeffrey out, I think," Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam said at San Jose Fan Fest when participating in a panel with McIntosh, Rosita actress Christian Serratos and former Abraham Ford actor Michael Cudlitz.

"I did hit Jeffrey," McIntosh confirmed.

Gilliam reported McIntosh "smacked him right in the face with a gun. A real gun, too. It was a metal, real gun."

"Yes, I did, yes," McIntosh admitted, bashful. "Real hard."

The moment came when filming Season Eight episode "The Key," which ends with the reveal Jadis has captured Negan after he narrowly escaped a vicious battle with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Negan stirs awake in the passenger seat of a car being piloted by Jadis, who tells him to "shut up" before cold-cocking him with her gun.

The prop wasn't "a gun that would shoot bullets at you," McIntosh noted, "but yes, a heavyweight gun in the car."

"Oh, I'm so sorry you hit Jeffrey in the face, that's terrible," teased Cudlitz, feigning sympathy after Morgan's Negan executed his Abraham in the Season Seven opener. "That sounds awful. Oh my gosh, stuff happens, I guess."

"You know what he said? He was very sweet, he said, 'Don't worry, only the best do it. Andy broke my nose,'" McIntosh said. "So I thought, 'I should have done it harder, probably!'"

Lincoln previously told ComicBook.com he accidentally landed a real hit on Morgan when filming the Season Eight mid-season finale, "How It's Gotta Be," which saw the arch enemies get into a scrap that ended with Negan defenestrating Rick.

"He actually took it like a champ," Lincoln said. "I continued and we got through the night. It wasn't my finest hour, bu the fight, I think, turned out quite well."

Morgan later told The Howard Stern Show he "knew immediately" the stars were positioned "too close to each other."

"We're toe-to-toe. I punch, he punches, and neither of us moves. We're both taking punches, you know what I mean? And on like the second punch, he just cracked me on the bridge of my nose," Morgan said.

"I think I dropped to a knee. But immediately, when you get hit in the nose, your eyes water. I stood up and I was like 'Uh, dude.' He was more upset than I was!"

Both McIntosh and Lincoln have since exited the mothership show and will instead resurface in the first Walking Dead movie, the first of which will explore where Anne and Rick were taken after their shared helicopter ride in 905, "What Comes After."

The Walking Dead Season Nine resumes with new episodes Sunday, February 10 on AMC.