'The Walking Dead' Just Set Up Rick's Exit

The Walking Dead may have revealed how Rick Grimes will leave the show in Sunday's new episode.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x03 follow. Major spoilers!

With Andrew Lincoln primed for an exit from AMC's zombie show, the question of how Rick will leave may have been answered on Sunday night (as Maggie's temporary exit was prompted one week earlier). Fueling the fire of fans clinging to Lincoln's sentiment of his "relationship with Rick Grimes" being "far from over," there might be an end in sight for the character other than death. The big reveal came when Pollyanna McIntosh's Anne/Jadis character communicated with an unknown group over a radio.

"What do you have?" the man asked Jadis over the radio. "An A or a B?" Her response, however, was to question whether or not her people were the ones taking Saviors, a crime she was accused of committing. "No pick ups," they told her. "The deal still stands. Do you have an A or a B?"

Jadis, however, pleaded with the man on the radio to come take her. "Neither, it's just me," she said. "I've paid my share."

"You've been compensated," they insisted, adding that it will take "An A" to get her out of the situation to a place she, moments later, described to Gabriel as something beyond his wildest imaginations.

How does it relate to Rick's exit, though? Jadis once had Rick as a prisoner. When she held him, it was in a shipping container marked with an "A" on it. Later, she had Negan as prisoner and chose not to kill him despite his Saviors decimating her people. In fact, she tried to signal the helicopter she has been tied to while having him hostage but missed her chance.

The details regarding what "A" and "B" means are still unknown, as are the reasons behind the search for an "A." However, "A" might be an abbreviation for "Alpha," a term often used to describe leaders and strong personalities. Rick Grimes is certainly an Alpha in his community, as Negan would have been considered to be while in charge of the Saviors.

This could all mean that Rick Grimes will depart his community by way of Jadis' other community taking him away -- whether it is by his choice or not. In fact, it would take quite an enticing offer to pull Rick away from his community and family so it is more likely Rick ends up getting clubbed over the head like Gabriel and taken than stepping aboard a helicopter and flying off into the sunset willingly.

Keep in mind, Jadis outright admitted to trading people in this scene while talking to Gabriel!


Do you think Jadis' people will be responsible for Rick's exit? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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