The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes Can't Watch The Mandalorian For Hilarious Reason

If Disney+ was streaming in the apocalypse, Rick Grimes might have a hard time watching The Mandalorian. The Walking Dead fans have a history of drumming up some funny memes but this one is an all-timer. The popular Star Wars series is gaining traction on social media for Baby Yoda memes but now the post-apocalyptic zombie drama is getting a crack at it. It's not that Rick Grimes can't handle the adorable Baby Yoda or just really wants to see Mando's face. No, Rick Grimes can't watch The Mandalorian because you can't spell "Mandalorian" without "Lori," the name of Rick's late wife who slept with his police partner Shane when she thought Rick to be dead.

The meme is pretty funny, making the rounds on social media after being posted to Reddit. The first image imagines Rick seeing the title for The Mandalorian and being excited about the series. Then, it points out the "Lori" in the Disney+ show's title and cuts to an image of Rick Grimes with tears in his eyes from the show's seventh season. A mention of Lori triggers memories not only of her dying but also of her sleeping with his former best friend who Rick eventually had to kill to protect everyone.

Now that we have already spoiled the meme and overly explained it, have a look at it yourself, below!

Crossover Meme from r/thewalkingdead

The Walking Dead family likes to have fun at Lori and Rick's expense quite often, right up through Rick actor Andrew Lincoln himself. During a panel at New York Comic Con in 2018, Lincoln was asked by a fan which non-Rick Grimes character he would like to go back and portray given such a fantastical opportunity. "I'd come back as Shane because I'd actually get to sleep with Lori," Lincoln joked, taking a jab at Rick's late wife who cheated on him with his best friend back in the days where she thought he died in the hospital.

Fittingly enough, Jon Bernthal's Shane Walsh made a return to the AMC show in its ninth season, the final episode with Rick Grimes.


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The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its tenth season on February 23.