'The Walking Dead' Rick Grimes Movies Current Plan Is to Air On AMC

The Walking Dead movies are currently planning to air on AMC as a television event.Following [...]

The Walking Dead movies are currently planning to air on AMC as a television event.

Following Rick's final episode of The Walking Dead, the Dead universe's chief content officer Scott Gimple officially announced a trilogy of films centered around Andrew Lincoln's character. His fate was left open-ended as he flew away from Alexandria in a helicopter with Jadis to an unknown destination but the TV-movies will pick up where this thread left off. In Skybound's The Walking Dead mailbag, the publisher of the popular zombie comic confirmed the current plan is to air the movies on the network.

"There are a lot of details that still have to be sorted out for the Rick Grimes movies, but for now the plan is to air the films on AMC," Skybound's Johnny O'Dell wrote. That said, there is always the possibility of the films going to theaters for at least one night, which wouldn't be the first time AMC sent its Dead content to theaters. Most recently, The Walking Dead Season Eight finale and Fear the Walking Dead Season Four premiere played back to back to launch the universe's first crossover in theaters for one night only.

Few other details of the movie have been revealed, though Lincoln did open up about them in an interview after his final episode.

"It was a compromise because I didn't want to be disingenuous to fans, but then of course, I didn't want to give away the story," Lincoln told New York Times. "It was a concern that we start saying one thing and people are anticipating a death, and we don't give them that. You can't please all people all of the time. That's why I try to stay out of reading about things like that. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed in the morning."

Lincoln does promise he is never going to return to The Walking Dead series fans have known him from for more than eight seasons.

As for what the movies will be about, Lincoln can only speak to their possible tones and mysteries. "We talked about Unforgiven, the Clint Eastwood movie, which I admire greatly," Lincoln said. "There's something about Eastwood, who he is as a gunslinger, as an iconic kind of American hero, rolling around in pig swill at the beginning of the movie. You know what he's capable of, and I thought the idea of a character that the audience knows and has lived with — and who has oscillated between psycho and father for nine years — to start in a completely different place, was a really interesting, crazy place to begin. I want to know why we keep seeing helicopters flying around. What's going on? What have the grown-ups been doing while we've been scrambling around in the dirt?"

The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its ninth season on February 10, 2019 at 9 pm ET. Fear the Walking Dead will return for its fifth season in 2019. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter and watch ComicBook.com's After The Dead each Sunday night following new episodes.