The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Says Rick Will Die Eventually

TWD Rick Grimes
(Photo: AMC)

Not be a downer, but we all die eventually.

Robert Kirkman is aware of that fact and is either using it to tease fans of The Walking Dead regarding Rick's fate in the comics and television series or has some plans to kill off the protagonist of the series.

"Do Rick die?" asks Reddit user maxforce54 during a Reddit AMA with The Walking Dead's writer and creator. "He do eventually," Kirkman responds, mocking the grammar of maxforce54.

Seeing as Kirkman has described The Walking Dead as the zombie movie which never ends, the possibility of Rick being killed of during the series' lifespan is not entirely unlikely.

Later in the AMA, though, Kirkman answered another question with, "They all die eventually." After all, Rick is only human.


The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October.