'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Episode 8: How It's Gotta Be

On Sunday night, AMC will air the eighth episode of The Walking Dead's eighth season.

Episode 8x08, the midseason finale, is titled, "How It's Gotta Be." The official synopsis for How It's Gotta Be reads, "Every story and battle from the first half of the season comes together." The episode has an extended run time, scheduled to run from 9 pm ET to 10:28 pm ET before a new episode of Talking Dead.

Of course, the stories and battles won't be coming together exactly how Rick Grimes would have wished. The leader of Alexandria had been carrying out a well-thought out plan through much of Season 8 until Daryl Dixon took things into his own hands. Plowing a garbage truck into Negan's Sanctuary was intended to kill the Saviors inside with the walker herd poruing in. However, it seems Daryl merely freed the Saviors from their confinement.

In previews for The Walking Dead's midseason 8 finale, Negan arrives at Alexandria and threatens to kill the resident with the "lamest" apology, as well as kill their leader Rick Grimes. Of course, it's unlikely the community will stand for Negan's requests and more likely a fight will ensue.

Meanwhile, Rick Grimes was last seen at the Sanctuary will the Scavengers and will be coming under fire from those who stayed behind. At the same time, Aaron and Enid are headed to the Hilltop where Maggie and Jesus are running into trouble, with King Ezekiel sitting home and feeling defeated.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Morgan Jones actor Lennie James says the three words he would use to describe the midseason finale episode are, "Please don't blink." It will all play out on Sunday night and set the stage for a climactic Season 8B for The Walking Dead's All Out War story.

To watch The Walking Dead midseason finale online, head to AMC's official website after its broadcast.


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