‘The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Addresses Maggie’s Extended Pregnancy

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan not-so-seriously addressed Maggie's multi-season pregnancy during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"It's somewhere between 18 and 19 years for the first trimester, so it's good," Cohan joked. "I figured there's not that much nutrition in the apocalypse, so you end up taking a lot longer to grow a baby. And no one can disprove this, because we haven't had an apocalypse."

Cohan, who is next seen as a gun-toting CIA ground agent in Mark Wahlberg actioner Mile 22, said Hilltop leader and newly minted mom Maggie has "traded a machete for a newborn."

"Not even a newborn," Cohan said. "He's a year old because we time-jumped."

The Walking Dead skipped past the bulk of Maggie's pregnancy after confirming the character as pregnant in episode 6x05 — first aired in November 2015. In April's season 8 finale, roughly 71 days — or 10 weeks — passed between that episode and the defeat of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who murdered Maggie's husband Glenn (Steven Yeun).

"People wanna see the baby, they also love to see you pregnant," Cohan said. "We skipped the pregnancy phase, so there was no gross carb intake for me. When the producers say, 'Please go eat pizza, please,' I didn't get to have that."

Cohan said her old Walking Dead co-star Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori Grimes in its first three seasons, was encouraged to indulge ahead of the arrival of baby Judith.

"When Sarah Wayne Callies was pregnant on the show, they said to her, 'Please go gain weight, because you're gonna be pregnant,'" Cohan said. "And we were all like, 'Oh, you lucky thing.'"

"We obviously left on a pretty sharp note with everybody at the end of last season, a little tense. It was fun for us. It was obviously really fun knowing I was going to have the baby, I'm sure everyone can kind of sympathize on that," Cohan said during The Walking Dead's San Diego Comic-Con panel last weekend.

"[Maggie] wants it to be peaceful and I want it to be a positive time of growth and rebirth, but people are people. And my child has no father. And the person responsible is a friend of mine, but he's not a friend of Maggie's."


Audiences got their first glimpse of baby Rhee — named Hershel in the comics, in honor of Maggie's late father — in the just-released season 9 trailer.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its season 9 premiere Sunday, October 7.