‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Explains Baby Bombshell and “Quadrangle” Relationship Drama

The Walking Dead is navigating its first “quadrangle” following the bombshell revelation [...]

The Walking Dead is navigating its first "quadrangle" following the bombshell revelation Rosita (Christian Serratos) is pregnant with Siddiq's (Avi Nash) baby while in a relationship with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).

Eugene (Josh McDermitt), the freshly returned subject of a search and rescue mission that saw Jesus (Tom Payne) murdered by new enemy group the Whisperers, has since professed his longtime love for Rosita — entering the foursome into a situation showrunner Angela Kang admits is messy.

"It's a mess, and we call it the love quadrangle because we had to make things difficult for ourselves and add another part to this triangle. You're absolutely right. So yeah, that's definitely part of the story, that we're playing with these four characters and how they navigate these murky waters," Kang told EW.

"It's based on some stuff from the comic, but we put our own twist on it. We just thought it was really interesting from a human perspective as they get deeper, and people think about family, and what happens if there's a pregnancy? What happens when these relationships end? We just wanted to explore that with them."

In the comics, Rosita was romantically involved with Eugene, not Gabriel, and fell pregnant with Siddiq's child after an affair. In the show, Rosita and Siddiq had no-strings-attached "fun" before she entered into a relationship with Gabriel, who for now is unaware of the baby.

Worse still, Eugene overheard Rosita confess her pregnancy to Siddiq — just seconds after Eugene spooked her with his confession of full-fledged admiration.

"I personally really enjoy the work that Josh and Christian have done as the lovesick Eugene and Rosita, and how Eugene is constantly wanting to declare his love, and Rosita is sort of not having it. I think those two, they came into the show together. They have such a great energy together," Kang said.

"We wrote these little scenes going, 'I think these will be fun.' And they just bring such humanity and comedy to it. It's been interesting to see that. Then, I think we have some pretty fun scenes coming up as members of the quadrangle deal with each other. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about that."

The Walking Dead Season Nine airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.