Stephen King Raises A Perplexing Question About 'The Walking Dead'

Iconic writer Stephen King has raised an interesting question stemming from Eugene Porter in a recent episode of The Walking Dead.

"1 list in Eugene's journal: 'Things I am unaware of wholly,'" King wrote on Twitter. "Perhaps the greatest Zen statement of all time. What in God's name would you list?"

The question is in reference to Eugene's notepad seen late in the first half of The Walking Dead's eighth season. The character who has betrayed Rick's group in favor of the Saviors and Negan was contemplating the traitor to Negan. Information pointed him in the direction of Dwight ultimately but the thorough thinker wanted to make sure any accusations or decision maintained his own best interest.

Check out King's tweet about the moment below.

king eugene

Of course, to be "wholly" unaware of something, might portray an oxymoron in the first place, making the question impossible to answer. If you're aware you're unaware, are you then aware?

"Any item on the list would be an oxymoron," one Twitter user responds. "Awareness of your lack of knowledge is a facet of knowledge."


Perhaps questions like these are the reason King's writing is always so well respected. Hit stories such as IT, The Shining, The Dark Tower, and Pet Sematary all spawned in the mind of Stephen King.

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