The Walking Dead: The Kingdom Soldier Logan Miller Tells All

While we’re all losing our heads over meeting Negan and the Saviors, another community coming to The Walking Dead in Season 7 is worthy of a lot more focus.

Ezekiel and his Kingdom will be unveiled in the third episode of the coming season but, to date, very little is known about the new community (except what we know from the comics).

TWD Logan Miller Kingdom Soldier

The Kingdom will be home to a number of brand new characters. Some of the new faces were seen in the Season 7 trailer, substituting the more common gang of Rick, Maggie, Glenn and company who are currently at the unpredictable mercy of Negan.

Of the new faces, though, is actor Logan Miller.

Miller has previously been seen in films like Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, so in a way he’s no stranger to such a world, and has also voiced some very popular Marvel characters across animated series and video games. This time around, though, he’s playing a soldier in King Ezekiel’s army.

“I will say that I'm part of Kingdom,” Miller confirms in an exclusive interview with “I’m one of the important soldiers there.”

Though Miller had to be tightlipped for the most part, like much of The Walking Dead’s cast, he still shared a bit of insight to Ezekiel’s Kingdom and what it has been like to head to such a set.

“The only thing I can even say is its unlike anything that's been seen on Walking Dead so far,” Miller says. “It's crazy, everybody knows Ezekiel and the Kingdom from the comics. I think depicting that on screen, it has a crazy world to it that almost feel to me very Mad Max-ish or like living in the realm of the Thunder Dome or Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness situation.”

“Ezekiel is a fantastical character, seeing him it, kind of blowing the veil back and seeing what he's actually about, I think fans are really going enjoy. He's such a unique character, it's going to bring some heightened drama I suppose to The Walking Dead.”

Miller isn’t the only one hyped for Ezekiel. Carol actress Melissa McBride also sounded off on the new character recently, telling, “It was really cool to see him transform into Ezekiel.”


Like the rest of his co-stars, Miller promises the off-season is worth the wait.

“I think all will be revealed very shortly. We only have a couple more weeks. It will be able to be talked about thoroughly in the coming weeks with the reveal in October.”


“As a fan, I'm just looking forward to see first off, who the hell is going to die,” Miller jokes. “I’m also excited to see this snowball effect of all the tension rising with Negan and The Saviors and everybody between, what the general outcome will be between all of these opposing characters and houses.”

The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23 at 9 PM ET on AMC. For more insider info, photos, and coverage all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.