The Walking Dead: Two Characters Finally Kiss

It seems like certain characters on The Walking Dead are always going to have someone. People like [...]

It seems like certain characters on The Walking Dead are always going to have someone. People like Rick, Abraham, and Sasha always have someone to cuddle up next to, no matter what's going on around them.

There's other characters, however, that haven't seen any kind of relationship come their way. Fans are still begging for the show to give Daryl a love interest, or for Eugene to step up and ask someone out.

The biggest surprise of all is that Carl hasn't really made a move on Enid. These are two teenage characters, right in the thick of their changing hormones, and they keep acting weird around one another. They had a sweet moment while hiding out in a tree, but that feels like ages ago. Carl even locked the girl in a closet to try and protect her.

We see what you're trying to do Carl, but it didn't work. You gotta be a little smoother than that.

Well, if you watched tonight's episode, you learned that Carl finally made the move everyone has been begging him to.

That's right, Carl and Enid finally kissed on-screen.

After the two made their way to Hilltop, and had an awkward spell on some second-hand roller skates, Carl decides he's gonna go following the Saviors back to Negan.

Enid begs Carl not to go, and the kid should have listened to the signals, but he went anyway. Before going, the two share a passionate kiss.

Finally, Coral. Finally.

This action was sweet for both characters, and also follows the common theory that Enid is becoming the show's version of Sophia. In the comics, Sophia survives, but Carol does not. When Carol was killed, back in the prison days, Maggie and Glenn decide to raise Sophia as their own.

This was set up heavily last season, as Enid and the couple shared a deep bond. This kiss with Carl takes things a step further, as the two always shared and on-and-off romance in the comics. There was always something there, but the two would continue to avoid it.

Hopefully this relationship can continue for a while, and fans can finally watch Carl take on his most dangerous and terrifying challenge yet - loving a woman.


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