Where Is Father Gabriel On 'The Walking Dead'?

Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 8.Father Gabriel's journey has been a tumultuous one: the [...]

Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 8.

Father Gabriel's journey has been a tumultuous one: the padre began as a coward who left his flock to die at the onset of the outbreak, only to be saved by Rick Grimes and his dwindling group of survivors. Gabriel integrated into the Alexandria community, and eventually forged his way as a loyal and contributing member of the group — earning even of the trust of Rick.

Come season 8, Gabriel was one of the many Alexandrians to take arms against Negan and the Saviors in episode 8x01 as part of Rick's ambush on the Sanctuary. After the coalition of Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom forces unleashed a horde of walkers on the Sanctuary, Gabriel was one of the few still on the scene when Rick took aim at an isolated Negan.

Though Negan was cornered, it was Gabriel who managed to get a determined Rick to walk away. "It's not about you, remember?" Gabriel said, convincing Rick to settle for a snapshot of his victory over Negan. Attempting to flee the overrun Sanctuary, Gabriel saw a distressed Gregory — gutless figurehead of the Hilltop colony — in desperate need of rescue. The reluctant but religious Gabriel risked his life to save Gregory, and was promptly thanked by the wimp stealing Gabriel's car and peeling off.

Gabriel was accidentally left behind at the Savior compound that was quickly being overwhelmed by walkers and rushed into a nearby trailer for refuge, only to learn he wasn't alone: Negan had the same idea.

In real time, it's been weeks since audiences last saw Gabriel or Negan; in the show, the episodes since have occurred mostly at the same time and within the span of just a few hours, meaning the enemies have probably spent the last couple of hours hunkered down in a trailer trying to keep quiet.

Or Father Gabriel could be dead, considering Negan's penchant for killing people aligned with Rick.

But actor Seth Gilliam says not to count the priest out just yet.

"There's always a possibility, man," Gilliam told ComicBook. "It's The Walking Dead. There's always a possibility of making it out alive."

The Walking Dead episode 8x04, "Some Guy," airs tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

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