Hilltop Burns in The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 12 “Walk With Us” Preview

AMC has published the preview for The Walking Dead 1012, 'Walk With Us,' the second part of the [...]

AMC has published the preview for The Walking Dead 1012, "Walk With Us," the second part of the fiery Whisperer War ignited in Sunday's "Morning Star." There Daryl (Norman Reedus) led Aaron (Ross Marquand), King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Rosita (Christian Serratos) and other members of the militia in battle against the Whisperer and walker army sent by Alpha (Samantha Morton) to wipe out Hilltop, the community currently harboring defector daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy). Walking with the Whisperers was Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), for the first time wearing his own mask made from the flesh of the dead, who had no choice but to participate in the attack that left Hilltop burning.

"It's epic. It's really big," showrunner Angela Kang previously told Insider of the two-part battle. "I think it's been really exciting for us. It's very difficult to pull off. But I think when you promise a war with the mega horde, that's filled with humans, you kind of got to deliver on something that feels really cool and big."

"Morning Star" and "Walk With Us" are just two of the action-packed episodes comprising this half-season. There's still "lots of action to come, and not just in one episode. Across the back half [of Season 10]."

"I think there's a really cool amount of epic action, as well as stuff that is perhaps in scope smaller, but in terms of consequences, massive. So just lots and lots to come," Kang added. "[There's] things that we haven't quite done before in battle on the show. Stylistically, it's different."

Sunday's episode saw Hilltop come under fire from flaming arrows flung by the Whisperers, who first launched sacks of tree sap used to set the colony ablaze. The militia broke into formation, using spears and other weapons — including studded shields and Daryl's morning star — to fend off the invading walker army.

In "Walk With Us," Carol (Melissa McBride) continues to grapple with her vendetta against Alpha, who must suffer for murdering son Henry (Matt Lintz), while Mary (Thora Birch), the former Whisperer known as Gamma, is shown as a bloodied mess in a field after Alden (Callan McAuliffe) prevented her from reuniting with nephew Adam at Hilltop. Alden and Kelly (Angel Theory) are seen trapped with the child in a vehicle surrounded by a swarm of walkers.

The episode preview ends with Negan and Alpha moving towards a shack in the woods, which could be the setting for a key scene in The Walking Dead Season 10B.

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