'The Walking Dead': Danai Gurira Teases Villainous Whisperers

Danai Gurira is making dark promises about The Walking Dead's newest villains.Spoilers for The [...]

Danai Gurira is making dark promises about The Walking Dead's newest villains.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9 follow. Major spoilers!

The Walking Dead first introduced the Whisperers in the concluding moments of Episode 9x06 before their presence was truly felt in the Mid-Season Nine finale. In a shocking twist, a Whisperer which appeared to be a walker ducked under Paul "Jesus" Rovia's sword only to stab the Hilltop's leader with through the heart. According to Gurira, this is just the beginning.

"The Whisperers are a little harder to see coming," told Us Weekly. "They're a very new type of threat, and they bring a whole new type of issue to the floor that we've definitely never dealt with before."

Human threats are nothing new to The Walking Dead. The AMC zombie show has been through its cycle of enemies to Alexandrians, including the Wolves and Negan's Saviors. However, the Whisperers are unique in their beliefs and territorial habits.

"It's not just one dude doing one thing," Gurira said. "It's a very different experience we're engaged in." Gurira, however, did not want to go into detail about how the death of Jesus would impact the survivors who he left behind.

The Whisperers are lead by Alpha, a bald woman whose true name is never revealed in The Walking Dead comics. Ruthless in ways, Alpha insists any member of her group leave any signs of civilization behind. On the AMC series, Alpha will be portrayed by Samantha Morton. Nearly anything goes with the Whisperers when it comes to survival, often prompting barbaric styles. Alpha's daughter, Lydia, becomes a problem when she develops a relationship with Carl Grimes. This story will be remixed with other characters on the AMC series, seeing as Carl was killed off in the show's eighth season.

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