'The Walking Dead': Who Is Pamela Milton?

There's another Governor taking over the pages of The Walking Dead. Could this one possibly be even more evil than the first one?

Readers of the popular Image comic series have been talking a lot about a new recently-added character by the name of Pamela Milton, the governor of The Commonwealth. As it stands now, it looks like she will become a massive part of the comic series as time goes on.

For those who aren't familiar, The Walking Dead recently kicked off a new storyline called The New World Order, which introduced the survivors to a new part of the country. In Ohio, there is a settlement called The Commonwealth, which houses more than 50,000 people. It's easily the biggest community these characters have run into throughout the series.

The Commonwealth is working on restoring society, and it's safe to say that the place is doing a decent job. Those in the community all have jobs, there are sports and theater to watch, and it even has an organized military force.

(Photo: Image Comics)

However, all isn't exactly as it seems. There are clearly some secrets amongst the people of The Commonwealth, and they all seem to lead to Pamela Milton. The newest issue of The Walking Dead finally opened up about Pamela just a little bit, when it was revealed that she uses the military service to follow her son on dates out past the city walls. As you can imagine, the kid is a bit of a brat, but she bends to his every word. As the issue went on, it hinted that a potential revolt could be taking place, seeing how many of the officers aren't happy with the way Pamela chooses to run things.

When Michonne, Eugene, and a few other survivors arrived at The Commonwealth, Pamela seemed to be a stern ruler who had no time for anyone's games. However, when Michonne revealed the truth that her daughter was in The Commonwealth and looking for her, Pamela's attitude shifted, and she showed signs of being a compassionate parent.

If you recall, the original Governor had two very similar sides to him, which could be foreshadowing a dark future ahead for Pamela. For now, however, the leader of The Commonwealth is still a bit of a mystery.


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