The Walking Dead: Why Negan's Kill Had To Be Rick

Every single person on the internet seems to have a thoroughly fleshed out theory on who died in [...]

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Every single person on the internet seems to have a thoroughly fleshed out theory on who died in the closing moments of The Walking Dead's season six finale.

From Glenn, to Abraham, to Daryl, to Rosita - there's "hard evidence" to support every single theory. From now on, we're going to flesh out each one of those theories each day and let you decide which is most concrete.

Today, we'll continue with Rick Grimes.

Before you say, "Yeah, right! No way!" hear me out.

First of all, The Walking Dead's "No one is safe," mantra has been lacking a touch of credibility lately. The only characters to die in the entire sixth season had been introduced in season five or later: Deanna Monroe, Jessie, Sam, and Ron Anderson, Carter, Denise, and other Alexandrians.

Killing Rick would be the ultimate way to claim that no one is safe. If the character was offed, it would prove that Robert Kirkman and the team behind this series have literally no fears. The show would likely become focused on the man who everyone was waiting for, Negan, and move forward as he enstills the new world order upon Alexandria. It would be the ultimate credibility boost for, "No one is safe."

When I talked to Andrew Lincoln following the finale, the actor repeatedly alluded to the possibility of Rick Grimes being on the receiving end of Negan's swing. First, he admitted to not having much knowledge of things to come in season seven, but also concluded all season seven speculation with, "if [Rick]'s not the one that gets the bat."

Showrunner Scott Gimple has promised some "hard left turns" from the comic books. Killing Rick would be the ultimate hard left turn.

The season six finale was also dubbed the completion of Rick's journey. He is no longer in charge. He no longer has power. He rebuilt a family. He ruled a community. He took steps towards civilization. It's time for him to go, now.

Some fans are also claiming that by "feeding [the eye] to the father," Negan is referencing a zombified Rick Grimes eating Carl's eye. The speculation claims that Rick would be killed by the blows to the head but his brain would maintain enough function for him to be a walker because there is certainly no way Rick would eat his son's eye or let something happen to him before dying himself.

By these standards, Rick Grimes had to be Negan's victim.

The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season in October. Expect a trailer to offer more clues when it arrives at San Diego Comic Con in July.