The Walking Dead: World Beyond Showrunner Teases Bigger, Character-Driven Final Season

The Walking Dead: World Beyond wrapped its first season on Sunday night, marking the official halfway point for the series as a whole. The series got off to a sluggish start, delivering few highlights in its first five episodes before things really kicked into a higher gear, especially in the two-hour finale. With much of the show's secrets as far as its main characters are concerned having been revealed, showrunner Matt Negrete is eager to get back to work on the series in early 2021 to keep the momentum going as the larger mysteries of the series unfold through the eyes of characters fans now know quite well.

"We always were thinking of this two season aspect of the show as two very different feeling chapters of one complete book," Negrete told "That's one way I look at it. For me, it's really about there's a lot that we want to get through in Season 2. I've been working with the writers and we're in the process of writing the finale, Episode 10 of Season 2 right now. So I mean, what we've discovered is that there are a lot of characters to service and we're bringing back Percy, played by Ted Sutherland, and Jelani, Jelani Alladin who is playing Will, and so we really have a lot of territory we're going to be mining and exploring up with those characters in the course of Season 2." You can read our full interview right here!

As for seeing familiar faces from other Walking Dead shows like Heath, Isabelle, or Jadis coming into play, Negrete says "never say never." As for Rick Grimes being a part of the series, chief content officer Scott Gimple is now quick to rule out any such possibility.

In World Beyond's second season, the characters will have been acclimated to a few necessary elements to keep the story moving at an interesting pace. They know the truth about each other, they're learning about the CRM's real means and objectives, and they have become acquainted with the horrors of the outside world.

"I think for the characters, it's about them learning about themselves," Negrete says. "I think there's a lot more for us to discover about these characters in terms of how they're going to face these challenges. We've gone from these smaller stories of them playing monopoly in a treehouse, and that's going to be very different. We're not going to be seeing some things necessarily that intimate in Season 2. I think the scope's going to be a lot bigger and they're going to be wrestling with the fate of much bigger things. Let's put it like that, in Season 2."


The Walking Dead: World Beyond will go into production for its second and final season in early 2021. Fear the Walking Dead will return for the back half of its sixth season following The Walking Dead Season 10C, which begins airing its 6 new episodes in February.

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