The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman Says He Thinks Negan Kills Multiple Characters

It's New York Comic Con, so you know what that means. The time has come for our favorite franchises to tease fans about their upcoming premieres, and The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman just made a huge predication for the show's Season 7 premiere. The actor told that he thinks Negan kills more than one major character.

The actor took time to speak with Brandon Davis about his busy schedule, but the two ended their conversation with The Walking Dead. When Coleman was asked who he thought Negan kills, the actor said, "I think he killed Glenn. I love Steven Yeun, but I think he's out of there."

Then, the actor went on a dropped a bombshell prediction. "I think there's one more surprise person," Coleman said. "I think for the first time they're going to kill two major characters in one episode."

Of course, there have been other episodes which contain a few big deaths. A few years back, The Walking Dead killed off both Lori and T-Dog in "Killer Within."

When Coleman was asked why he felt the Season 7 premiere would feature more than one death, the actor said it's because the show needs to keep "upping the ante."

The actor also took time to say how someone like Tyrese Williams would handle a character like Negan. The actor laughed, saying, "Oh, please. Hammer versus bat?" So, clearly, it seems that Coleman is confident that he can take on the vitriol villain.

While Coleman's words are surprising, they do echo thoughts shared by other crew members of The Walking Dead. In fact, executive producer Greg Nicotero has said the Season 7 premiere has "even more [content] than the comic book." As for what that content may be, fans don't know, but it could be something as major as another character death.

If you're not familiar with The Walking Dead Comics, then you should brace yourself for what may come. In issue #100, fans were horrified to see a very beloved character meet a very gruesome end thanks to Negan's barbed-wired bat. Glenn is killed by the leader of the Saviors in a show of power, so many fans have wondered whether AMC will follow the comics and kill off the character on-screen or not.

But, now, fans may need to start thinking about who else could die. Yikes!

Of course, there will be plenty of more to see in the season premiere of The Walking Dead. heard from Ross Marquand - who plays Aaron - that the episode shows the "complete emasculation of Rick" and a "huge power shift in the group."


"What you'll see is that the entire way their society has been structured, the power and the leadership roles, will now be completely thrown on their head. I think people are going to have to adapt to that. People are going to have to look at that world and say, "Is this something that I can truly assimilate into or am I going to have massive issues with this new world that Negan has laid out before us?"


So, what do you think? Will two major characters die on The Walking Dead when its returns for Season 7? Or is Coleman trolling fans ahead of its premiere? Let us know in the comments below!

The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23 at 9 PM ET on AMC.