The Walking Dead Star Chandler Riggs Suffered Memory Loss After Horse Riding Accident: "I Had No Idea What Year It Was"

Last week, former The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs was hospitalized following a throw from a horse that resulted in the actor sustaining what his mother referred to as a "pretty bad" concussion. While the Carl Grimes actor was wearing a helmet at the time of his accident and avoided more serious injury, it sounds like his injuries were still pretty terrifying. The actor shared on Twitter this weekend that he suffered memory loss following the accident and, at one point, even had no idea what year it was.

On Twitter, Riggs informed his fans that he wasn't going to be doing a livestream chat for them as he was choosing to take the time to get his mind back on track. It was then that he admitted that while he was feeling better, he was still having some memory concerns -- and reveals just how "weird" the experience was at its worst.

"It's SO weird hearing about what I was saying and doing after it happened," Riggs wrote. "For hours I had no idea what year it was, how I got there, what happened, etc. and I kept asking the same questions over and over again just to immediately forget the answer."

When a fan asked if he remembered doing a livestream from the hospital after his accident, Riggs admitted that he "barely" remembered and had few details.

"Barely lol, I remember like one sliver of me talking to chat," Riggs admitted. "No idea how long I streamed for or what I talked about."

On Friday, Riggs' mother, actress Gina-Ann Riggs, shared that he had suffered the accident on Thursday, November 21 and shared that while Riggs was ultimately okay, the concussion was pretty bad and asked fans to keep him in their prayers. She also noted that he hadn't, at that point, seen the most recent episode of the show the actor is currently appearing in, ABC's A Million Little Things. That series, which aired its midseason finale on November 21, saw some significant developments for Riggs' character which the actor thanked creator DJ Nash for in a post-accident tweet.

Prior to his accident, Riggs most recently chimed in on Siddiq's shocking episode of The Walking Dead last Sunday.


“Totally, totally,” Riggs said on Talking Dead when asked if Carl would be proud of Siddiq. “Carl, when he found Siddiq, he just saw another person in need. So the fact that he brought him back, he happened to be a doctor, and he happened to save all these lives and teach Enid how to be a doctor, thus saving Aaron’s life… I think he’d be really, really proud of the legacy he kind of left behind for Siddiq.”

The Walking Dead next airs its midseason finale Sunday, Nov. 24 at 9/8c on AMC.