Did A Whisperer Bite Carl On 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead fans are searching everywhere for an answer to how Carl can keep his life after the midseason finale but they're not going to find one.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x08 follow.

The most popular theory clouding Internet comment sections regarding Carl's bite mark and how he can survive it is that the AMC series is introducing the Whisperers ahead of schedule. This would mean a living human disguised as a walker had bitten Carl, freeing him of the imminent doom which follows an actual walker bite.

This won't be the case.

Carl Grimes was bitten in The Walking Dead Episode 8x06 while fighting walkers in the woods with Siddiq. One specific walker manages to take a bite of Carl's side while he is fighting off another which was enough to mark Rick's only son for death.

Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs has confirmed the death of Carl himself on several occasions -- which should be enough to silence the cries for his bite to be from a Whisperer.

"In the comics, [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] was trying to figure out why there was a hole between Rick slitting Negan's throat at the end of the All Out War arc and then there's the time jump and Negan is alive and in prison and Rick didn't kill Negan," Riggs told THR. "Scott was trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between Rick not wanting to kill Negan and Rick also really wanting to kill Negan, which he does right now [in the show's story]. Scott's way to get around that was to make Carl this really humanitarian figure and person who could see the good in people and see that people can change and not everyone out there is bad. That's what Carl's talk to Rick was in this episode: there's no way that they can kill every one of the Saviors and not everyone is a bad person and there has to be some way forward than just killing people."


Riggs is truly finished with The Walking Dead beyond production of its ninth season, barring a cameo appearance in flashback form should the show call for it.

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