'The Walking Dead': Watch Michael Cudlitz Impersonate Negan

After meeting Negan up close and personal, Michael Cudlitz clearly picked up on a few of his more recognizable qualities.

During a panel at Walker Stalker Con New Jersey, the former Walking Dead star was asked to do an impression of the popular villain. As it turns out, his take on Negan isn't half bad.

As the audience, and former co-star Sonequa Martin-Green, egged him on, Cudlitz stood up on the panel stage and immediately leaned back, making fun of Negan's most ridiculous mannerism. He also positioned his hand close to his chest in just the right way, exactly how Negan does.

Martin-Green cut the laughter by saying, "That's exactly what Negan would do!"

The impression was certainly a little goofy, but it was accurate enough to get the point across, and for fans to know exactly who Cudlitz was talking about.


Unfortunately, both Abraham and Sasha (Martin-Green) know Negan all too well. The former was slaughtered by the villain in the Season 7 premiere, while the latter took her own life to undercut Negan in the Season 7 finale.

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