'The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says Rick Is "Just as Bad" as Negan

Since appearing at the end of Season 6, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan has established himself as the most devastating villain in the history of The Walking Dead. However, according to the actor himself, he's not necessarily the only evil character on the show.

While speaking about his new movie Rampage on Good Morning America, Morgan was asked about his role on AMC's horror series. The show's eighth season is coming to an end next Sunday, and GMA host Michael Strahan asked if there was any redemption coming to Negan's character in the future.

Morgan took this opportunity to say that a guy like Negan can be bad, but it's all about perspective.

"We were making steps at some redemption, and I think if we find out more of his backstory and how he became Negan," Morgan told Strahan on the air. "I think at this point in the story, everybody who has made it this far in this apocalypse has done some very horrible things. If we had been following Negan for eight years, we would be on Negan's side and Rick would be horrible. I mean, look at the stuff these guys have done, they're at least as bad as what I've done."

This might sound ridiculous at first but, the more you think about it, the guy might have a point. Rick has done some terrible things over the course of eight seasons on The Walking Dead.

However, many would argue that Rick has never taken things too far, and that Negan doesn't feel very much remorse for what the things he's done. These kind of qualities always make a guy like Negan the villain, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan certainly understands that.

"But there's gotta be a villain. And I'm the villain," the actor assured.


Negan might have some redemptive qualities, but he's without a doubt the baddest guy on The Walking Dead. At least, that's the case for now. Maybe some words from the departed Carl Grimes will start to change that.

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