What Does [Victim One]'s Death Mean For The Walking Dead?

Over the past three years, Abraham Ford has become a fan-favorite character on The Walking Dead, and saying goodbye to him was especially hard.

In season six of the AMC hit-series, Abraham had really come a long way. He had sofetened up a bit, putting aside some of that bad boy attitude, ended a relationship with Rosita, and found a real and honest love with Sasha.

Above all, Abraham and Eugene finally became the friends that we have always dreamed they could be.

After Eugene admitted to lying about DC, Abraham gave him the cold shoulder. This broken relationship has been slowly mending, but the season six finale created a beautiful sequence between the two.

While these storylines make it harder to see Abraham go, they make for a clean exit from a writing standpoint.

With Abraham in a good place, it brings his story full-circle. This is something that many characters never get to achieve in only a couple seasons of a TV show.

When Abraham first appeared on The Walking Dead, he was a hardened military veteran, had no time for anyone standing in his way, and there was no reasoning with him. He was in a relationship that was brought on by sheer circumstance, and he didn't really respect those he surrounded himself with.

During his time in Alexandria, Abraham became a true leader of people. He gained respect for those around him, and learned how to step back and see the bigger picture.

With Rosita, he eventually stepped up and admitted it wasn't a relationship he was particularly proud of. He had been with Rosita to fill a void, and moving on to Sasha was proof that he has finally figured out what he actually wants in life.

As far as Eugene goes, mending that relationship was key to bringing Abraham all the way around.


Nothing cuts the soldier deeper than a betrayal of his trust, and Eugene did just that by spinning his story. The two friends were never the same after this vital truth came out.

By forgiving Eugene, Abraham has gotten over his trust issues. Instead of holding a grudge over those that have wronged him, the man now knows how to put his selfishness and pain aside.

Bringing any character full circle is a huge feat for any TV series, and Abraham's exit was perfectly timed.

As far as how this will impact other characters, it will act as a bug motivation for Rick, Eugene, and either Sasha or Rosita.

Rick and Eugene will be more driven in the war against Neganafter watching Abraham die. He was one of their true friends, and that pain wil stick around for a while. The ladies, however, will have a different reaction.

In the comics, Abraham leaves Rosita for a woman names Holly, as Sasha wasn't a character in that medium. After he was killed by Dwight, Holly wanted to have a part in taking Negan and his people down. She ends up sacrificing herself for the cause, and really aiding Rick on his mission.


Now that Abraham has died, either Rosita or Sasha will take this mantle. It makes more sense for Sasha to go, since Rosita ends up finding love with Eugene, but Sasha may have more purpose as well.

No matter how you slice it, now matter how much sense it makes, Abraham's death was difficult. If a tear came to your eye, don't worry, you weren't alone.