Who Dies In 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x07?

With Sunday's new episode of The Walking Dead, a number of characters will shift from being listed as safe to in danger, and vice versa.

The Walking Dead Episode 8x07 is titled, "Time For After." The official synopsis for Time For After reads, "Negan has to enlist the help of his lieutenants in solving a huge issue facing the Sanctuary; Rick and the group continue to enact the plan."

With the Sanctuary surrounded by walkers, Daryl plans to unleash them on the inside of the villainous hideout. His plan, however, isn't exactly flawless. It sure looks like there is no way for both those executing it and those on the receiving end of his garbage truck to survive. Meanwhile, Negan will continue to investigate the mole situation within his ranks while Rick attempts to make another deal with Jadis and the Scavengers.

So, who is in danger and who is safe in The Walking Dead Episode 8x07?

twd eugene 807
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Rick- Safe. Locked away in a shipping container, Rick is demanded alive by Negan and would be a valuable asset for Jadis alive. She gains very little by killing him, other than making herself a prime target through the eyes of Alexandria.

Negan- Safe. Negan is back in control of the Sanctuary and every single person inside (except for Dwight, and maybe Simon and Eugene) are ready to follow his every word. Negan's mole search continues and Daryl's plan won't effect him.

Michonne- Safe. Michonne's decision making remains rocky for the first time as she seems to be going along with Daryl's possibly suicidal plan. Typically smart and level-headed, Michonne might end up taking the high road and play it safe.

Carl- Danger. Carl was last seen wandering the woods with a stranger after a close encounter with walkers. Until he gets home and shows he has no bites and that Siddiq is actually a friend, Carl is listed as being in danger.

Carol- Safe. Carol remains safe, having survived the Savior ambush of the Kingdom's army an safely returning. Mentally and physically, Carol is ready for what comes next. Plus, she has little Henry to defend her!

Daryl- Danger. Daryl has shown enough signs of willingness to make bad decisions to earn himself a "danger" listing. He's the one character no one believes the show would kill off but his plan to attack the Sanctuary might be a suicide mission.

Maggie- Safe. Clearly in charge of the Hilltop now, Maggie has a massive following willing to work with and for her. With a good head on her shoulders, Maggie remains hungry for revenge but also careful to act.

Morgan- Danger. Morgan returns to support Daryl's plan, so any time Morgan comes within arm's length of threats, he is in big danger -- mostly because he will be on Fear the Walking Dead in its next season and no one knows if it is a prequel or continuation.

Jesus- Safe. Jesus is a skilled fighter but lost a few allies when he decided to keep the Saviors alive. Still, he is not in danger as he remains in control of his surroundings.

Enid- Safe. Enid remains a key member of the Hilltop community, working closely with new leader Maggie and forging new friendships with other characters nearby. There are no immediate threats.

Gabriel- Danger. Gabriel is in desperate need of medical attention and the Sancutary's resources may not be enough.

Gregory- Danger. Locked in a prison with the Saviors, Gregory has lost all control and runs the risk of being killed or cast out.

Dwight- Danger. With Eugene realizing Dwight's betrayal of the Saviors, it is impossible to rule the character as safe despite his ability to play both sides.

Simon- Danger. Negan is not pleased with Simon. The character attempted to show off his leadership skills but instead showed holes in his abilities. He remains a loyal servant to the leader but his survival remains at stake.

Ezekiel- Safe. Though the King has been broken down by the loss of his army and tiger, he is safely at home and will gather himself to rise again eventually.

Jerry- Safe. Devastated like Ezekiel, Jerry is saddened by the Kingdom's losses but has also returned home safely.

Tara- Danger. The fans who expect Daryl to survive should definitely peg Tara as being in danger. The character is just as gung ho about killing the Saviors in a hurry and is willing to act irrationally to do so.

Rosita- Safe. Rosita shows surprisingly level-headed perspective of Daryl's suicide mission and takes the high road back to Alexandria. She'll be okay.

Eugene- Safe. Eugene has the most valuable information within the Sanctuary and might just finally join the cause of flipping back to Team Family when we see him again.


Aaron- Safe. The loss of Eric will become a driving point for Aaron as he continues to emerge as a leader in the apocalypse. Now, he has more motivation than ever to find revenge and eliminate the Saviors.

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