'Riverdale' Recap With Spoilers: The Joneses Go on a Quest in "Fear the Reaper"

With only a few episodes left until the end of the season, it looks like Riverdale isn't beginning to pull any punches. This week's installment, "Fear the Reaper", brought a slew of surprising revelations and unexpected exits, including the bittersweet reveal that this was Luke Perry's final episode before his sudden death earlier this year. So, what happened in tonight's episode? Read on to find out.

Obviously, spoilers for tonight's episode of Riverdale, "Fear the Reaper", below! Only look if you want to know!

The Jones family scramble to find Jellybean, and are sucked into a G&G quest that will determine her "fate". They are given their characters to play as, and proceed to play the game. At one point, Gladys is forced to tell the truth about something, and reveals that she is the new Fizzle Rocks dealer. FP, understandably, gets upset.

They then are asked to commit a robbery at Pop's, so that Kurtz has enough money to leave town. They commit the robbery, but FP is shot by Pop in the process. Jughead unmasks himself, and FP tells them to leave him behind and save Jellybean. Jughead and Gladys return home, knock out Kurtz, and lock him in the bunker. Jughead wonders if his life can be the same after what just happened to Pop's, and blames Gladys for destroying his and FP's life.

Gladys and Jughead are led on their next quest, which leads to Gladys having a literal sword fight with Penny Peabody. After Jughead takes Gladys to the hospital, he demands that Kurtz take him to Jellybean. Jughead is taken to the "valley of darkness", where he's asked to find Jellybean in one of two freezers. Kurtz then forces Jughead into one of the freezers in order for Jellybean to be safe. Jughead agrees, but Kurtz tells Ricky to kill Jellybean anyway. Jughead breaks his way out of the freezer and finds Kurtz dead, with the Gargoyle King looming above him. He runs home and finds Jellybean unharmed.

FP goes to see Gladys in the hospital, and says that she and Jellybean should stay with them as opposed to running away. Gladys decides to leave either way, and has an emotional goodbye with her family.

Meanwhile, Archie, Veronica, Fred, and Mad Dog sit with Randy Ronson's family at the hospital, where they learn that Randy died after the boxing match. Elio denies giving Randy anything that would make him overdose, and blames Archie for killing him. Archie blames himself for knowing that Archie was juicing but not stopping it, and vows to never box again. Mad Dog and Archie attempt to hide the drugs that Archie didn't take before the match, but the police show up and raid the place.

Veronica frees them from jail, as they learn that Elio is trying to further implicate Archie. Archie and Mad Dog take a drug test that comes back negative, but Randy's family arrive and accuse Archie of murder. Archie clearly still feels regret about what happened to Randy, and Veronica suggests that they do a benefit concert. Elio gives Archie his blood money, but he turns it down. Veronica later learns that Elio is denying Randy's family his insurance money, which leads Archie to tracking down and threatening Elio. Archie then meets with Randy's sister and gives her the prize money.

Elio meets with Hiram, who promises to help him deal with Archie. Veronica tries to convince Archie to get back into boxing, and he agrees.

Elsewhere, Toni tells Betty that the Farm is gearing up for the "wedding" between Alice and Edgar, and that Edgar plans to adopt Polly's babies afterwards. Betty overhears Evelyn talking about her file at the school, and she decides to break in that night and take photos of it. Betty calls all of the schools listed on Evelyn's transfer forms, and learns that she's been repeating her junior year so she can recruit kids into The Farm. Betty shares that information with her social worker.

Betty then goes to Penelope, explaining Edgar's plan to adopt the twins. They're able to bargain with The Farm to get the male twin. Later, Betty's social worker reveals that Evelyn is really 26 years old, and that she is actually Edgar's wife. Betty and Toni sneak into The Farm at night and steal the other twin, but Toni leads them right into a ritual with the entire Farm. Betty tries to tell Alice about Evelyn and Edgar being married, but Alice reveals that she already knew that. The entire group tries to convince Betty to join The Farm, but she leaves and drives away.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Josie tries to reconnect with her father, and they agree to meet for dinner at Pop's. Josie asks if she can leave Riverdale and go along with him on his next tour, and invites him to her set at the speakeasy. Their dinner is quickly interrupted by the Jones' robbery. Later on, Josie's dad doesn't show up for the show, but Josie agrees to do the show anyway. She performs "Back to Black", and notices that her dad did show up. He later reveals that he'd wanted Josie to believe that he wasn't at the show, to prove that she really cared about her craft. He then agreed to take her on tour with him, and Josie breaks up with Archie before she leaves.
  • Veronica and Betty meet with Hiram, asking if there's a way that Hal can be transferred to his prison. Hiram agrees. Later on, Veronica tells Betty that there was some sort of accident during the prison transfer, and no one survived.


Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.



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