Stranger Things' Magnum, P.I. Look is Already a Fashion Statement for the Summer

Stranger Things 3 finally dropped on Netflix yesterday, which means the Internet is now swarming with fun content about the hit series. Many topics surrounding the show’s new season have been trending on Twitter, but one hilarious detail that’s taking the site by storm is Jim Hopper (David Harbour)’s Magnum, P.I. look. Much like Tom Selleck’s Thomas Magnum, Hop sports a Hawaiian shirt and mustache for the brunt of the season.

Many people on Twitter were inspired by Hop’s look, hoping to make it the new style of summer.

Others just love seeing the Hawkins Chief of Police rocking a new style.

Some people are ready to buy a duplicate of the shirt.

Other fans think Hopper’s ensemble resembles a character other than Magnum.

Overall, people are just obsessed with ‘80s fashion in general.

To read more tweets from Hopper fans, you can check out the Twitter Moment here.

Recently, spoke to Harbour, who shared some insight into his new Stranger Things look.


"Well, it's funny. I sort of like the influence, especially back in the 80s, because we all just watched rabbit ears TV. At least I did," Harbour explained. "And the shows that you would watch were so big and, I think, almost subliminally influenced the culture. So I think he's watching a lot of cops shows. He's watching probably Simon & Simon, Magnum P.I., stuff like that, and I think he is stuck in this place where he's been a stunted man living in a cabin, kind of hiding a girl, trying to be this weird father. And he needs to update himself. He needs to step out, and he does it in a kind of chaotic way."

Stranger Things 3 is now streaming on Netflix.