Agents of SHIELD: Natalia Cordova-Buckley Reminisces About Her First and Last Days on Set

The final season of Agents of SHIELD is three episodes in, which means we're only getting closer [...]

The final season of Agents of SHIELD is three episodes in, which means we're only getting closer to saying goodbye to the Marvel show forever. As the series winds down, much of the cast have been reminiscing about their time on the series. Recently, Henry Simmons (Mack) talked about his first day on set and shared what it was like stepping into the series in season two. Now, his onscreen partner, Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Yo-Yo) is sharing her own similar memories with Collider, sharing the differences between her first episode back in season three and her final one.

"Not intimidating, but definitely nerve-wracking at moments," Cordova-Buckley said of her first day on set. "It's like your first day of school, when you don't know what to expect. The unknown always makes us nervous. I have the memory of walking into my first day, and I had a 102-degree fever, but I didn't tell anyone because I thought I would get fired. I had barely worked in the United States, so I didn't know what the rules were, an I was worried they would send me back home. So, I did this action moment with a fever, and I just remember our camera crew, in particular, which is the part of the crew that's always very close to the actors, just being so wonderful to me and smiling and telling me, 'Hey, make sure you run this way,' or 'Run slower so that I can follow you.' They were just such great teachers, and they became dear friends of mine. A lot of them are family. They're my brothers and sisters. I'm just eternally grateful that this show gave me people that I learned from and that I hold incredibly dear to my heart."

"In certain terms, I did feel completely opposite," she added when asked how her last day compared to her first. "I think that's just what happens after five years. You evolve and grow, and you learn. But in other terms, with other people, I was closer than I've ever been and I learned a lot about who I wanna be, if I ever get to be in a really powerful leader position. The last day was filled with all kinds of emotions. You're happy to get a rest because you've been working so hard. At the same time, you wanna celebrate, but you know that signifies the end, and that depresses the hell out of you. So, there were tears and joy and excitement. It was just a chaotic tornado of emotions to deal with. We just cried and hugged and laughed, on the parking lot of stages, and drank beer and told stories. That was about it. It's a twister of emotions. It's really hard to pinpoint which one you're feeling."

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.