Andor Finale Cut Star Wars' First F-Bomb

The Andor finale actually ended up cutting Star Wars' first "f-bomb." With the last episode of the first season out in the wild, the cast and crew are sharing details about what could have been. Denise Gough, the actress who brought Dedra Meero to life, talked to Empire Magazine how an iconic moment from the finale could have ended up being a lot different. Maarva Andor's "Fight the Empire" is still echoing through a lot of fans' heads. But it could have easily been "F*** the Empire" if censors hadn't stepped in. Gough told the outlet that when the words were uttered on-set, people were excited for the possibility. But, it appears that cursing must be kept to a minimum in a galaxy far, far away. Still, the sentiment is there and the director of the finale, Benjamin Caron actually captioned a post on Instagram with the rejected wording. So, the legend will live on despite not making it to air. Check out how the actress described this moment right here down below!

"Fiona's voice was over all of us," Gough says, recalling the finale's fire-and-fury funeral monologue from Ferrix's formidable matriarch. "Except, at the end, she didn't say, 'Fight the Empire!' She said, 'Fuck the Empire!' Which we were all really excited about. But we weren't allowed to keep it, obviously."

What Is The Plan For Andor Season 2?

Diego Luna, Cassian Andor himself, talked to The Playlist about what's on tap for Season 2. Rogue One looms in the background of the entire movie. It seems like things are inching ever-closer to that moment and you should expect more building towards the eventual fate that awaits these specific Rebel characters. 

"Well, we are walking [into Rogue One] yes," Luna began. "One thing that we've said and everyone knows is that the next season ends just before Rogue One, we're going to get all the way there, and many things are going to happen that I think some people are expecting. But definitely, there's no way to avoid it." 

Luna added, "The pace is going to change, but it's not going to change that much because we shot this [season] in blocks of three ... Now we're going to do that [again], we're going to do blocks of three that take us through four years, and it's going to be quite an interesting thing to witness. Another important thing, and this we cannot deny, is when we started doing this, none of us had done something in this format. We were thinking film. And now we understand what it is to deliver something that comes weekly and that rhythm, what it means. Obviously, that learning will reflect in the next season."

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