Shrinking Creator Teases 3 Seasons of Harrison Ford Show on Apple TV+

Shrinking's creator says that the creative team for the show says that there's plans for three seasons. Talking to Variety, Bill Lawrence talked about how successful the first season of the show was. Apple TV+ was so happy with the performance that they okayed Shrinking for Season 2. According to Lawrence, there will be one more entry before they close up shop. Audiences clearly would go for a lot more Jason Segel and Harrison Ford. But, the showrunner is aware that they could run the risk of wearing out of their welcome. Luckily, that's a worry for another day, now Lawrence has to worry about getting that next salvo onto the screen. 

"It does not have a sports season component to it the same way that that's a function of the story. Like, 'I wonder if they win or lose!'" Lawrence explained. "Part of the fun for me in doing shows with, like, Jason Segel and Harrison Ford, is that you can tell actors that you've always wanted to work with, 'If you give me three seasons, that's fine if you want to split.' So all I can tell you is that all the gang that we roped in for this one was down for doing that."

Here's how Apple describes the upcoming show: "Shrinking follows a grieving therapist who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people's lives … including his own."

What Makes Shrinking So Successful For Apple TV+?

In the same interview, Jason Segel complimented co-creator Brett Goldstein on the clear vision for this show. Therapy is a fertile ground for some drama. It feels like the message connected with the audience on Apple TV+ too. Check out what the star had to say about Shrinking right here as well.

"Brett has put it really well: I think the line that we hit is sort of the tone of life," Segel says about the show's balance of comedy and drama. "We all know people who are just properly miserable, and behave that way. And that's a hard thing to pull yourself out of. But real people don't try to show their feelings. They try to hide them. We laugh our way through the hardest moments. I think sometimes we cry our way through the most beautiful moments, because they're so unexpected and rare. That's exactly what the show does. It's a reflection of how we actually experience these things."

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