Arrow's Black Canary Hasn't Seen the Birds of Prey Movie

In The CW's Arrowverse, Juliana Harkavy plays Dinah Drake/Black Canary and while the vigilante's [...]

In The CW's Arrowverse, Juliana Harkavy plays Dinah Drake/Black Canary and while the vigilante's sonic cry is a major component of the character, when fans saw Dinah in Star City 2040 in Arrow's penultimate episode "Green Arrow and the Canaries" they were introduced to another side of both Dinah and Harkavy herself. That episode saw Dinah singing in her own club. It's a nice parallel to Jurnee Smollet-Bell's take on Dinah in the big screen Birds of Prey film, but as it turns out, Harkavy hasn't yet seen the film.

Speaking with, Harkavy revealed that she hasn't seen Birds of Prey, but that she is really excited to see it, especially with music being such an important part of Black Canary as a character.

"I did not watch the Birds of Prey movie," Harkavy said. "I've seen many clips online, and I looked up Jurnee and I looked up, you know, her music. And I actually am really excited to see the film. But I was more, the reason I'd always wanted to do the music was because it was a part of the comic book character."

"So, I think it's cool that it was a part of the movie," she continued. "And now it's going to be part of the new show. I think it's an integral part of the Black Canary. And it's also like the quite literal thing because just so you know, she's a canary who sings. So, I think that's pretty cool."

This isn't the first time Harkavy has expressed the importance of exploring Dinah's musical side. She previously told us that Dinah's life as a musician was something she specifically wanted to explore.

"I was really lucky that I got to do what I wanted with Dinah in the pilot episode -- the music," she said. "I know that in the comics, Dinah, the Black Canary had a band, and she was a musician, and I loved that element of Dinah, and so yeah, I guess my wish has come true."

When it comes to whether Harkavy's wish for Dinah will continue to come true, that remains a bit up in the air. The CW has not yet picked up Green Arrow and the Canaries, but network president Mark Pedowitz recently revealed that the spinoff -- as well as the currently untitled The 100 prequel -- are both "very much alive" at the network.

"They are very much in active discussions to see what we can do," Pedowitz revealed. "I've had many sessions with Warner Bros., we have a strategy involved, and hopefully, we can pull it off. But they are very much alive."

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