Babylon 5 Star Bruce Boxleitner Addresses Status of Reboot Series

Talk of a revival of Babylon 5 has been the subject of discussion for almost two years now. Series creator J. Michael Straczynski has been as public as he can about the new version of the sci-fi series, but nothing official has cropped up. We recently had the chance to speak with one of the original cast members, Bruce Boxleitner about what's going on with the series, and it may not be what fans want to hear. Speaking with at Walt Disney World's All The Disney Thrills event, featuring new attraction Tron: Lightcycle / RUN, Boxleitner told us: "I haven't heard a thing. I haven't heard a thing. I know there was big corporate shakeups going on at Warner Brothers and CW and all that, so I don't know how it's played out."

Boxleitner played Captain John J. Sheridan for four seasons and 88 episodes during the show's original run. He would reprise the role again in three made-for-TV movies to close out the '90s and once again for 2007's Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. Speaking with us about his career at large, which further includes the likes of Tron, Supergirl, and other varied genres, Boxleitner spoke about what he likes best from his work, but also how he lost the script for Tron while working on another film.

"I like genres that take you to other times and places, whether in the past or in the future," Boxleitner added. "I like science fiction, but I just finished two westerns back-to-back. Should be coming on the spring, and on television. And so, I like them all, I really don't have a favorite. I guess it's where I started, was in the westerns. I was actually reading the first Tron script that was sent to me, and I was in Tucson, Arizona, sitting on the back of a horse waiting for 'Action.' And I tucked the script. I started reading. I got about 10 pages in, going, 'What is this? It's different.' So, quite amazing. And then they were going, "Bruce, we're ready to ... ," so I just tucked it in the saddlebag. Some Wrangler somewhere has an original Tron script."