Batwoman: Javicia Leslie Reveals What She Still Wants to Explore with Ryan Wilder

It has been a little over a year since Batwoman was cancelled by The CW, bringing the fan-favorite superhero series to a close after three seasons. The second and third seasons of the show were led by Javicia Leslie, who brought the new character of Ryan Wilder / Batwoman to life, and charmed many fans in the process. In the time since Batwoman's cancellation, Leslie has gotten to reprise her role (with a twist) on the ninth and final season of The Flash, but it sounds like there's even more that she would love to tackle with regards to the character. While speaking to about her role in the upcoming film Double Life, Leslie touched on what she would want to tackle if she got the opportunity to portray Ryan again.

"Definitely more stunts," Leslie explained. "I think that Ryan's fighting sequences are really great, because she's not a superhero, so it's not really... I mean, she's a superhero. She doesn't have magic powers, so it's not like she's like, 'Da da da da.' It's fight scenes, and I love that. I love the fight sequences. I would just [want] more Gotham. I would love to explore more Gotham. Instead of putting her somewhere else, what else can we do in Gotham? Gotham is such a cool world, and it's a world that I grew up reading and watching and being entertained by. So I think there's still so much to play with in that world."

What is Double Life about?

In Double Life, a grieving widow learns from her late husband's mistress that his death was no accident. The two women will form an unlikely alliance to uncover the truth behind his murder and unmask the man they both loved.

Double Life also stars Pascale Hutton, Vincent Gale, Nial Matter, Aaron Douglas, John Cassini, William MacDonald, Carmen Moore, B.J. Harrison, and Kaaren de Zilva. It is directed by Martin Wood, with a script from Chris Sivertson.

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Double Life will be in Theaters and on Digital on Friday, May 5th, and on Demand on Friday, May 19th.