'The Big Bang Theory' Star Says Goodbye In Heartwarming Video

News of The Big Bang Theory coming to an end with its upcoming season took fans by surprise, with [...]

News of The Big Bang Theory coming to an end with its upcoming season took fans by surprise, with star Mayim Bialik also not having anticipated the series' conclusion. After having time to come to terms with the news, Bialik took to YouTube to share an emotional message to all of her followers about the final season.

"It feels really weird. Usually when things end, they end right away," Bialik noted. "It's not like, 'This is gonna end in 23 episodes'. So it means that we have a whole season. We have through the end of April to explore what our writers are gonna give us and my first thought was like, 'Does this mean that, like, crazy things are gonna happen in season 12?' I don't know."

While Bialik isn't an original member of the series, she joined in the fourth season and has been a series regular ever since. As far as what she hopes to explore in the future, Bialik is still working on it but thinks that the possibilities are wide open to a number of projects.

"I have other projects that I'm interested in producing. I would like to act again, yes," the actress admitted. "That's something that I am now actively working on figuring out after April. And I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't interested in movies. I would love to be in a movie. I'd love for that to happen."

This recent message to fans was a lot more positive than her initial reactions to the news, as she was basically blindsided by the news.

"Am I happy? Of course not," Bialik wrote in a post on Grok Nation. "This has been my job since Melissa Rauch and I joined the cast as regulars in Season 4. I love my job. I love my castmates, and I feel such appreciation for our incredible crew, our brave writers, our entire staff, and our amazing fans. So many people are a part of our Big Bang family."

The decision ultimately came from Jim Parsons, who had decided he wanted to pursue other projects, with the commitment to the series making those avenues difficult. Chuck Lorre, who created the show, had regularly confirmed that were Parsons, Johnny Galecki, or Kaley Cuoco to leave the series, he would have no choice but to conclude the show.

The Season 12 premiere of The Big Bang Theory will air on September 24th.

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