Bob's Burgers' Halloween Episode Delayed to November

Bob's Burgers Halloween episode has been delayed until after Halloween, and Major League Baseball is to blame. The MLB's National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves has now gone to a game 7 final showdown. Due to that extension, Bob's Burgers Halloween episode has now been pushed to November 1st - the day after Halloween. The show took the news in good stride, posting the following announcement to fans: "Hey everyone, Due to Gene's awesome baseball skills, the NLCS has gone to Game 7 — postponing this weekend's episode to November 1. See you soon!"

This year's Bob's Burges Halloween episode is "Heartbreak Hotel-oween", which will see "The kids meet a mysterious old woman at a hotel on Halloween as Louise plots her revenge for a candy transgression; Bob and Linda donate blood at a vampire-themed blood mobile."

Bob's Burgers has a long, proud, tradition of Halloween episodes. Many of them center around the Belcher kids and their all-important quest for ample candy rations, and "Heartbreak Hotel-oween" looks like it could take that theme in a more personal direction, depending on where the story with the old woman goes. By the same token, it's hard to know what kind of story we're going to get out of the framework of Bob and Linda going to a Vampire-themed blood bank together. But then, Bob's Burgers mines some of its most tender and touching moments from Bob and Linda's marital relationship.

Fans of Bob's Burgers have a lot to be excited for. The show has been renewed through season 13, and the Bob's Burgers Movie is still headed to theaters (timing dependent on the COVID-19 pandemic). All-in-all, 20th Century Studios is still looking at Bob's Burgers as one of the key parts of its content block:

"Family Guy and Bob's Burgers are key pillars of our network's success. By taking the genre to new heights and driving pop culture in meaningful ways, they've laid the foundation for making Animation Domination one of the most powerful program blocks in all of television," said Michael Thorn, President, Entertainment, for Fox Entertainment. "Both of these two-season renewals affirm once again our commitment to animation and empower us to continue in our build as the leader in the space with distinct and fresh new comedies... we're excited to continue these great shows with them."


Bob's Burgers Halloween Special will air on November 1st. You can check out some preview photos HERE.