Jupiter's Legacy's Villainous Star Chase Tang Wants to Break Down Barriers

Breaking into Hollywood is a difficult task for a young actor, but sometimes all it takes is one chance. And now that actor Chase Tang is getting his first major shot as a super villain in the Netflix series Jupiter's Legacy, he's finally got his foot in the door. Tang will be playing the new character Baryon in the series based on Frank Quietly and Mark Millar's new comic book, and he's hopeful that his role on the show will help open doors of opportunity across all walks of life.

Much like Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings star Simu Liu, Tang is a Toronto-based actor and even had a small role on Liu's hit series Kim's Convenience. But as Liu joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a superhero and Tang makes his descent into villainy, he thinks they could inspire many more people as their exposure increases.

"So, it's a role that no one has ever seen, because it's superhero. Now you have a villain, now is also being cast, or a super villain, in this case," Tang explained to ComicBook. "So it's like the extreme opposites of both. And then obviously, me and Simu Liu, we're both from Toronto, both Asian backgrounds. But, I feel like this is so important, because it's like the fact that major studios have taken this step. This should truly open the doors for even black actors, Indian actors, any actors of any ethnicity, in terms of any rule they want, whether they want to play a nerdy role, whether they want to be like a jock, whether they want to be sporty, whether they want to be a bad guy, good guy."

chase tang jupiters legacy

He's aware that some actors are often typecast in certain roles, but Tang believes that has already started to change. "I think the potential, in terms of it opening completely the film, television, movie market, is tremendous. And especially in a comic space. I think traditionally the comic, I think they've always stayed very consistent." Tang said. "If you just look at all the superheroes have come down Marvel, all the stuff they've come down DC, is very consistent in terms of who the demographic is."

But with films like Shang-Chi and Black Panther 2 helping anchor Marvel's slate in the future, that perception is changing.

"It's so important, because I feel like audiences, they need to be able to relate, and not everybody is going to relate to the good guy, or the bad guy," he explained. "So, I just feel like if the people at the top, are willing to be so open in terms of casting, and just be willing to cast against stereotypes, or completely toss them out, I feel like the potential is unlimited, in terms of the audience market, and who we can tap into. We will be able to bring a much broader audience market onto... They would be spending a lot more money, that's for sure."

Tang's character on Jupiter's Legacy is a new creation, and while he cannot divulge any details about his role as Baryon he did reveal that there was a specific reason that he was added to the show — and we'll find out when the show premieres in the future.

There have been some questions about the future of Jupiter's Legacy ever since showrunner Steven S. DeKnight parted ways with the series early into the shooting schedule. But according to Tang, filming is still on track and the new showrunner Sang Kyu Kim "is doing a fantastic job spearheading the entire production under his wing."

As for the future, Tang still wants to flex his muscles in the MCU and is putting it out into the universe that he'd love the opportunity to play Namor.

"At this point, I don't even know if Marvel really knows who I am, but I mean if they tapped my shoulder to say, 'Here, we want to give you this opportunity.' I would take it. I would be 100% ready to take on that role."

Tang is adamant that his success came from hard work and perseverance, and he's hopeful he can serve as inspiration for others.


"If this is even possible, no matter what color, what background, what whatever you are, there is nothing that is stopping you from being considered, or for any rule that you want."

Jupiter's Legacy does not yet have a release date but is rumored to be debut in 2020.