'Clifford: The Big Red Dog' Getting New TV Series

A beloved childhood favorite is coming back to the small screen.Clifford the Big Red Dog, a new [...]

A beloved childhood favorite is coming back to the small screen.

Clifford the Big Red Dog, a new animated series based on Norman Bridwell's classic series of children's books, is set to return to television for Fall 2019. The new series will launch concurrently on Amazon Prime and PBS Kids according to Scholastic Entertainment which produces the show.

"There is something enduring in Clifford's gentle, loyal spirit that touches fans even after they become adults," series executive producer Iole Lucchese, said in a statement (via New York Times). "We see it in tributes on social media and in fan art, and of course, in every parent who grew up with Clifford and now shares their love of him with their preschoolers."

The upcoming Clifford is a little bit of a reboot of sorts. The original version of the series premiered on PBS in 2000. Running for three seasons, the series was aired in 110 countries and received numerous Daytime Emmy nominations. The late John Ritter, who was the voice of Clifford, received a posthumous nomination for an Emmy in 2004 following his sudden 2003 death. After Clifford the Big Red Dog's first series ended, a spinoff, Clifford's Puppy Days ran from 2003 to 2006. A live-action film adaptation has been in the works for a while as well, with the latest update coming last fall noting that the project had found a new director.

Clifford, a normal-sized puppy who grows to be larger than a house, and his best friend and human, Emily Elizabeth, were created by Bridwell in the early 1960s. The books follow Clifford and Emily Elizabeth's adventures on Birdwell Island and frequently centered around lessons about social skills. The reimagined animated series will continue that legacy, incorporating original songs and redesigned characters along with lessons about social skills and a literacy emphasis.

While an official release date is not yet available, Clifford the Big Red Dog is currently in production for 39 episodes.

Are you excited for the return of Clifford the Big Red Dog (and it's okay of you are, we're all kids at heart!) Let us know in the comments!