Cobra Kai: Is The Karate Kid 3 Villain Returning in Season 4

The first three seasons of Cobra Kai have done well by Karate Kid fans around the world, continuing the story of Daniel and Johnny in exciting fashion, and bringing back plenty of the beloved characters from the first two films in the franchise. As the series heads into its fourth season, it appears as though the oft-forgotten Karate Kid Part III is finally going to get its chance to shine when memorable villain Terry Silver returns to the Valley.

The return of Thomas Ian Griffith's ponytailed karate instructor hasn't been confirmed in any official capacity, but the third season of Cobra Kai makes his comeback pretty obvious. His backstory is set up with various episodes throughout the season, and the finale cliffhanger with Kreese really sets his return in motion.

If you recall, Terry took Daniel under his wing in The Karate Kid Part III, training him at the Cobra Kai dojo. He and Kreese were good friends, but it was never explained exactly how they knew each other. Cobra Kai Season 3 reveals the origin of their relationship through flashbacks about Kreese's time in Vietnam.

Kreese and a handful of other soldiers were taken captive while they were in Vietnam. One of the men donned a slick ponytail, just like Terry's, and referred to Kreese as "Johnny," as Terry did in The Karate Kid Part III. However, the show pulled a bit of a twist by killing off the guy with the ponytail and revealing that another soldier in their group was named "Silver."

At the end of Season 3, Kreese picks up the phone in the office at Cobra Kai and looks at a picture of he and his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. The show doesn't reveal who is on the other end of the call, but Kreese asks if they want to come back to help him out at the dojo. Given Silver's past working with Cobra Kai, and the fact that Kreese was looking at the Vietnam picture, it seems as though Terry is a lock to return in Season 4.


Terry Silver was too wild and zany for the original Karate Kid franchise, and most fans of the films were really rubbed the wrong way by his character. However, given the self-aware nature of Cobra Kai, Silver seems like a perfect fit for the franchise in 2021.

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