Could Stargirl Return After Season 3's Finale?

After three seasons, DC's Stargirl concluded Wednesday night and for fans of The CW series, the ending was bittersweet. While fans had hoped that Stargirl would get a Season 4 renewal, thanks to those involved with making the series getting advance warning that the show might not be picked up for another go, the creative team was able to craft an ending that wrapped up not just the season's plots and other loose ends, but delivered a flash-forward to give viewers an idea of the fates of their beloved heroes as well as inspire with the idea that it is "never the end". However, even with giving DC's Stargirl a complete ending, the question remains: could Stargirl still manage to return?

In terms of DC's Stargirl being picked up by another network or platform, that doesn't appear to be in the works. Series star Brec Bassinger previously revealed that given the changes at The CW and with Warner Bros., they were aware that the show's future may not be set, and that series creator Geoff Johns did everything he could in terms of preparing the show for cancellation — and that she thinks the idea for a proposed Season 4 may have been part of what took so long for a final decision to be made.

"Geoff [Johns] was so smart because obviously there's been a lot of changes in The CW and the Warner Brothers this past year, so the future of any show was not quite certain and because of that, he went the extra mile and shot two different endings, because he did not want to leave the fans with all these question marks," Bassinger said.

"And I actually believe that's why it took so long for us to officially get the cancelation news, because Geoff came in with such a wonderful idea…. But it wasn't meant to be," she said about the "insane" idea for Season 4.

But even with the idea of the series finding a new home on another network seemingly out of the realm of possibility, the series finale does still leave things open in a way that allows for more stories. There have been persistent rumors for months that there will be a crossover between DC's Stargirl and HBO Max's Titans. Back in September, Bassinger even took to social media with a photo featuring herself in Stargirl costume alongside Titans star Ryan Potter, Johns, and director Eric Dean Seaton.

"Omg, so crazy running into my friends in Toronto. Crazy coincidence. cRaZy." Bassinger captioned the image. Considering that Stargirl filmed in Atlanta and Titans in Toronto, fans of course took the photo to mean that a crossover is happening. To date, nothing has been confirmed, but given that we last saw Stargirl and her team victorious — and know that they continue to be heroes well into the future — it isn't too much of a stretch to consider that some form of heroic team up could very well be soon.

And, of course, there's that final title card. At the very end of DC's Stargirl there's a title card that reads "Never The End" and while it seems like the chapter is closed for this series, as Johns told TVLine, these are stories that go on forever.

"It means a lot. In the world of the story, it means that the JSA goes on forever," Johns said.  "And these wonderful characters have great lives, and their adventures continue. We were just able to present you with a handful of the early years. But they went on to become the world's greatest superheroes. And then in the world of the viewers, it's never the end because there are always the memories we have. There are always these episodes you can watch again. There are always these characters you fell in love with; they will always exist. And then it refers to the relationships we made creating the show, with the cast and the crew and the writers and the post-[production] team. I made my best friends making this show. It's been the most amazing part of my career. And we all still talk and hang out and see each other, and that's incredibly rare. Also, we wanted to be uplifting. And 'Never the End' is so much more uplifting than just 'The End.'"

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