David Dastmalchian Wants to Do a Count Crowley Movie or TV Series

The character of Count Crowley could be making her way from the pages of Dark Horse Comics to your TV screen sometime in the future. At least, that's the plan for creator and author David Dastmalchian. The popular actor has been writing County Crowley books for a couple of years now, and both volumes that have been released have received plenty of critical acclaim. There's lots of love for the story of Jerri, a recovering addict who hosts Friday night movies on TV and moonlights as a monster hunter. Dastmalchian is hoping to parlay that adoration into a live-action adaptation of the comics.

Dastmalchian recently took some time to chat with ComicBook.com about the release of Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter, the second collected edition of the comic series. While there is still plenty more story to be told in the pages of the comics, Dastmalchian has always had the goal of getting Jerri's story onto the screen.

"I've always believed that Jerri's story would translate really well into episodic television or a miniseries, and I felt that way from the beginning," Dastmalchian told us. "I'm currently talking to some really really incredible women. A writer who makes shows for television. There's even an actor who I really love for this. I am talking to some really powerful creators about what this would look like. And I know that if I can just continue to do the best work I can do and push myself and believe, the sky's the limit with this journey. We're just scratching the surface as far as the comic book narrative is going right now."

A TV or movie adaptation of Count Crowley has always been the plan for Dastmalchian, but he now finds himself in the ideal scenario to make something happen. Dastmalchian recently launched his own production company, Good Fiend Films, and that will hopefully make things even easier when trying to get Count Crowley on the big or small screen.

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