Doom Patrol Star Joivan Wade Celebrates Cyborg #1

Doom Patrol star Joivan Wade celebrates the release of Cyborg's new series. The DC Comics character has a brand-new #1 issue courtesy of Morgan Hampton. Fans of the character have been waiting for Victor Stone to get a solo series for a little while now. While Doom Patrol is sadly at an end right now, it's genuinely heartening to see Wade still supporting Cyborg this way. It feels like artist Tom Rainey and Michael Atiyeh (colors) really bring the beloved Teen Titan to life. Check out what Wade had to say and his post right here down below!

Wade posted this message in support: "I'm super amped!! Got my copy's of #CYBORG #DAWNOFDC have you guys read this bad boy yet!? Huge shout out to @Moellennial & the rest of the team who put this together! #WelcomeHomeVictorStone @DCOfficial"

How Is Cyborg Moving The Character Forward?

Cyborg is taking the Titans fan-favorite and Justice League member into new and unexplored territory. AIPT spoke to Morgan Hampton about this fresh direction for Victor Stone and how the idea for the current run came to be. Check out what the writer had to say about the new Cyborg series.

Hampton said, "It's the No. 1thing for me. Cyborg's been around for about 40 years, but he hasn't grown or evolved much. We know Victor is a former athlete who went through a horrific accident that took a lot from him physically, left scars emotionally, but also granted him superhuman abilities.The question is always "Am I a man, or am I a machine?" I want to move Victor past that." 

"Cyborg is a disabled hero, and I want to explore, through his own exploration of himself, what it looks like to navigate a life you didn't ask for while also having the burden of people looking up to you," he continued. "I have a physical disability myself called hemophilia, so I'm trying to pull a bit from my own mindset as I try to expand and contextualize Victor's struggles. If I can do my job right, you'll come out of this series with a better understanding of who Victor is, as he figures it out for himself."

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