Details Revealed For the First American 'Wynonna Earp' Convention

After successful conventions elsewhere in the world, fans of Beau Smith's comic book series Wynonna Earp and Syfy's cult-sensation TV series based on it will have their own convention in the United States in 2018.

That's right, folks: Earp-a-palooza is coming to Minneapolis next October.

After announcing over the summer that they hoped to stage a convention in an American city, organizers sent out an e-mail today, informing fans that Earp-a-palooza will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN on October12-14, 2018.

Since the event is being held at a hotel, organizers for the convention say that group rates for reservations will be open soon. Fans who can't wait, can visit the hotel's website now to check room rates.

The e-mail also said that official ticket packages will go up on the convention's website later this weekend, but ticket sales will not open until November 26, 2017.

There is no word yet on which cast and crew members will be a part of the convention, although most of the cast have been game to attend similar shows overseas.


“Syfy encouraged us to lean into the comic book origins of the show, so we felt really free to take on more fantastical comic book elements and superhero elements,” Andras told of season 2, which wrapped in August. “Also, I used it sort of metaphorically. I just know, having been pregnant, that the fact that Wynonna was pregnant and fighting demons and kicking butt — and that was both Wynonna and Melanie — really does speak to someone who was a superhero to me. I feel like the kind of fortitude and mental strength it takes to take that on when you’re pregnant is extraordinary. I meant it almost more in a grounded way — any woman who’s doing that is truly a superhero.”

Of course, by now, the character has given birth, the baby squirreled away to avoid her enemies, and season 3 will likely be over and a whole new status quo in place before Earp-a-palooza.