Disney's Family Singalong: Halsey Pays Tribute to the Little Mermaid with Sneaky Easter Egg

Halsey thrilled The Disney Family Singalong fans with a performance of “Part of Your World” [...]

Halsey thrilled The Disney Family Singalong fans with a performance of "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. On the surface, it looked like the singer tossed on a red wig and called it a day. But, some Disney fans are picking up on the fact that the tribute runs a bit deeper than that. Halsey is targeting Ariel's look from the end of the film instead of the common bikini look from most of the film. She decided to do her own riff on the white wedding dress on the beach. Even more dedicated fans noticed that her earrings were even shaped similarly to the ones the princess had on. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the balloon sleeve detailing from the dress, but it's still really nice.

The pop singer might have brought down the house on Sunday, but a lot of audiences still associate the iconic role and songs with the original voice actress. Jodi Benson previously sat down with Comicbook.com to talk about the film and how wild it was to be a part of such a surprise hit.

"You're right – it was all a complete surprise, with no expectations whatsoever, which makes it even more of a sweeter experience for me," Benson began. "Having been on Broadway and doing a Broadway show while I was flying back and forth to do Mermaid, we were going to disappear and names were never going to be released except for running at the end credits, and it wasn't until the last minute that Disney decided to premiere the big press tour and kind of connect the dots for the fans and for the audience to know that who we were as voices. And it was shortly after that, realizing that this movie was going to last a little bit longer than just a regular film cycle."

She continued, "I think by the time the first re-release happened six or seven years later, we realized that this was going to be turning into a classic, and like you say, it is the renaissance for this golden age of animation and the animation studio was not on the lot and animation was not in a good place, getting close to shutting down. So it makes this experience even sweeter when there were no expectations and everything is a wonderful surprise. It's something that just makes it so much more special."

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