Disney+'s Turner & Hooch Reboot Reveals More Cast Members

The upcoming Disney+ adaptation of Turner & Hooch has cast a trio of new, recurring roles ahead of production starting later this year. Matt Hamilton (The Actress Diaries), Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica) and Cristina Rosato (Little Italy) have joined the cast of the series, which is based on the 1989 buddy cop comedy starring Tom Hanks. In the film, Hanks played the straight-laced cop Turner, who is forced to work with Hooch -- a huge mastiff -- and ultimately comes to love him. Josh Peck is set to star in the new series, although it seems unlikely that the movie's sad ending will carry over to what seems to be designed as a potentially ongoing show aimed at younger viewers.

Charlie's Angels director McG will be at the helm of the first episode, and will also executive produce the show, which currently has a 12 episode order from 20th TV. The reboot will bring the original premise into the modern day with some tweaks, which will have U.S. Marshal Scott Turner (played by Josh Peck) inheriting a big unruly dog. He's not crazy about the idea at first, but realizes that the pet he didn't want may end up being the partner he needs, and the two become best buds.

Deadline broke the news of today's casting. Here's their character descriptions:

Hamilton plays Trent Havelock, Senior Deputy Marshal to Scott Turner. The only thing he loves more than chasing down bad guys is taking credit at the press conference afterwards. He gets all the fame, all the glory, and all the great cases — everything Scott thinks he wants. And he doesn’t much like dogs.

Campbell portrays Grady Garland, Laura Turner’s ex-husband and Matthew’s father. He’s a well-meaning small-town cop who peaked in high school and at this point probably has more in common with his 8-year-old than his ex.

Rosato plays Olivia, Xavier Watkins’ fiancée. An Oakland cop from the Midwest, she’s warm, earnest and enthusiastic — seemingly the complete opposite of her enigmatic soon-to-be husband.

Burn Notice and X-Men-inspired The Gifted creator Matt Nix will write and executive produce the 12-episode series, with Josh Levy (Bones) as co-executive producer. There was a previous attempt to make a Turner & Hooch TV series, when in 1990, NBC produced a pilot that starred Thomas F. Wilson (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) in Hanks' role. At the time it likely seemed like a pretty obvious way to capitalize on a movie that had earned over $70 million at the box office against a miniscule budget.

Turner & Hooch joins projects like The Mighty Ducks and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids as high-profile revivals on Disney+ -- but unlike those, Turner & Hooch will not pick up old plot threads or bring back the original cast.


"We will continue to add [programming], we’ve got a lot coming up — we’ve just had a spot in the Super Bowl for three new original Marvel series, Mandalorian will come back in October, we have more Star Wars series in development, there are a lot of original movies — so that will continue," The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger recently said on CNBC ahead of Disney's fourth quarter earnings report. "And there will be growth in investment in original content. But this will never be what I’ll call a pure volume play. It will be about high-quality, branded content."

There is no word yet on when Turner & Hooch will debut on Disney+, although it is expected to enter production early this year.