Doctor Who Lost Episode to Premiere on BBC America, AMC+

While Doctor Who fans await the show's thirteenth season, now in production, they can soon enjoy the lost classic Doctor Who episode Fury from the Deep via BBC America and AMC+. Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep is the missing sixth serial from the fifth season of classic Doctor Who. The BBC and Big Finish Creative recreated the story using animation and the surviving audio. Released on home media in September 2020, the restored Second Doctor serial will make its television debut on BBC America on Sunday, March 21st at 6 p.m. ET, with all six half-hour episodes showing back-to-back. For fans who can't wait until then, they can watch the full season on AMC+ beginning Monday, March 15th.

Like several other early Doctor Who episodes, Fury from the Deep went missing from the BBC Archives. This tale, restored through animation, sees the TARDIS landing on the sea's surface off the coast of England. The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton, The Omen) and companions Jamie (Frazer Hines, Two Days in the Smoke) and Victoria (Deborah Watling, The Invisible Man) make it to shore only for security guards to shoot them with tranquilizer darts and take them as prisoners.

They soon discover that they'd trespassed on a restricted area of a refinery base run by a man named Robson (Victor Maddern, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). The Doctor discovers several mysterious problems with the feed pipes' pressure from the offshore drilling rigs. Later, he learns that one of the rigs has sucked up a parasitic form of seaweed that releases a poisonous gas and a foam that allows it to take control of minds.

Are you excited to see Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep on BBC America and AMC+? Will you be watching it when it makes its television debut? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments section. Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep debuts on BBC America on March 21st and streams on AMC+ on March 15th. Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep is also available now on home media.


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