Doctor Who: Russell T. Davies on the Doctor Being the Last of the Time Lords (Again)

The returning showrunner talks about the Doctor's connection to Gallifrey.

A new era of Doctor Who has officially begun, and the return of the beloved sci-fi series definitely isn't pulling any punches. The latest season, which revolves around the adventures of the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa), has already played off of the character's connection to Gallifrey and the Time Lords, which were shaken up massively by the controversial "Timeless Child" reveal. While speaking to ComicBook about the new season of Doctor Who, returning showrunner Russell T. Davies revealed that he has always been intrigued by the idea of The Doctor being the last of his kind, and was more than happy to work with the canon laid out before his return.

"For those who might not know the history while I was not working on the show: Gallifrey was brought back to life and then destroyed again," Davies explained in our interview, which you can check out above. "I think that kind of says it's inevitable, and I like that fact. I like the phrase 'The last of the Time Lords.' It makes him legendary, makes him unique. It makes him scary in some ways, and makes him precious. So it's a phrase I'm very fond of. If I hadn't been able to use it, I simply wouldn't have used it and he would have said 'I'm an adventurer and a philosopher and a traveler.' There are many more adjectives to apply to The Doctor, so that wouldn't have worried me. But I don't think he would have gone home often."

What Is Doctor Who's New Season About?

From Disney+ and the BBC, this season of Doctor Who follows the Doctor and Ruby Sunday through infinite adventures across time and space in the TARDIS. From the Regency era in England to war-torn futures, the duo champion the forces of good while encountering incredible friends and dangerous foes.

Guest stars on the new season of Doctor Who will include Aneurin Barnard, Anita Dobson, Yasmin Finney, Michelle Greenidge, Jonathan Groff, Bonnie Langford, Genesis Lynea, Jemma Redgrave, Lenny Rush, Indira Varma and Angela Wynter. Doctor Who is produced by Bad Wolf, with BBC Studios for Disney Branded Television and BBC. Under the creative vision of Davies, the additional executive producers include Phil Collinson, Joel Collins, Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter. The new season features episodes directed by Ben Chessell, Jamie Donoughue, Julie Anne Robinson and Dylan Holmes Williams.

Doctor Who airs new episodes on Fridays at 7pm ET on Disney+, followed by a debut on BBC iPlayer at 12am GMT on Saturdays, and a broadcast premiere on BBC One later that day. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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