Euphoria Star Lukas Gage Puts Director on Blast for Insulting Him During Zoom Audition

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the need for virtual conferencing more often than not, and because of that, there has been an uptick in mishaps due to unmuted conversations, unhidden screens, and more. That was the case in a recent audition Euphoria star Lukas Gage took part in, and he decided to share the video of the incident on social media. Gage was about to audition for an undisclosed role, but before he started the director can be heard talking about Gage's

The director says "These poor people live in these tiny apartments like I'm looking at his you know background and he's got his TV." You can see Gage realize what's happening while he's talking, and then he jumps in.

Gage says "I know it's a s***** apartment that's why give me this job so I can get a better one. Alright, ready?"

The director says "Oh my God, I'm so so sorry. I'm so sorry,. I'm mortified."

Gage added, "I'm living in a 4x4 box so give me the job and we'll be fine (laughs)."

Gage would post the video with the caption "psa if youre a s*** talking director make sure to mute ur shit on zoom mtgings"


From the video, it's clear Gage is having fun with it as much as he can, but he was clearly frustrated after the caption with his post on social media. It's also easy to see why, as you would probably have the same reaction if you caught your maybe future boss talking about how these "poor people live in these tiny apartments".

Many in the comments are attempting to figure out who the director is, and there have been some guesses, but nothing definitive. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.