Fear the Walking Dead's Dwight and Sherry Have a "Bonnie and Clyde" Dynamic in Season 7

After surviving Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead, newly reunited couple Dwight (Austin Amelio) [...]

After surviving Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead, newly reunited couple Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) will have a "Bonnie and Clyde dynamic" going into Season 7. When Sherry escaped Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and left The Walking Dead, Dwight followed her west to Fear — only for the separated couple to finally get back together just before Teddy (John Glover) turned Texas into a nuclear zombie apocalypse with the 10 warheads that detonated across the Lone Star State in the Season 6 finale, "The Beginning."

"I wasted so much time just being pissed off, trying to fight the bad guys. But the bad guys always win," Sherry tells Dwight after failing to get justice against subjugators Negan or Virginia (Colby Minifie). "You and I have seen that every time. Nothing that I did was going to change that. And all it did was cost me time with you."

Dwight and Sherry spend the season finale seeking shelter, finding it in another married couple's storm cellar seized by two of Teddy's acolytes. After forcing the armed cultists out of the bunker, Sherry shoots one and Dwight leaves the other behind for a "front-row seat to the shit show that you helped bring down on us."

Before ducking for cover in the storm cellar, Dwight says they can both help people and make sure "the bad guys don't win. Maybe we should have been doing more of that the whole time."

"What we see in the finale is that they've found some common ground of who they can be going forward as a couple," showrunner Ian Goldberg said on Talking Dead. "And I think we see with the way that they dispense of Teddy's acolytes there at the cellar, and Sherry even calling Dwight on it and saying, 'I haven't seen that part of you for a long time, what happened?'"

"I think what we're going to see from them is a way to exorcise both their demons in a productive way, going after the bad guys," Goldberg teased. "I think the simplest way to say it is we might see a bit of a Bonnie and Clyde dynamic between Dwight and Sherry going forward into Season 7. A really badass couple doing what they do best."

But the justice-dispensing couple will face other challenges in an irradiated wasteland: Goldberg said that the survivors of Season 7 will "have to deal with the devastation, nuclear fallout, ash, unbreathable air, destroyed structures, limited resources, all these new environmental factors that are going to make survival just exponentially more difficult for them."

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