Fear the Walking Dead Star Teases Big Changes Coming Ahead of Season 7

Every survivor in the Fear the Walking Dead ensemble will 'truly change' after what's to come in [...]

Every survivor in the Fear the Walking Dead ensemble will "truly change" after what's to come in an explosive second half of Season 6, according to star Jenna Elfman and showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. In the midseason premiere airing on April 11, "The Door," Morgan Jones (Lennie James) reaches out to John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) ahead of an impending fight to defend the new community he's building away from the settlements controlled by Virginia (Colby Minifie). But the emergence of an even greater threat that will reveal itself later in the season has Virginia spooked — and she'll do anything to get her younger sister Dakota (Zoe Colletti) back behind her walls before it's too late.

"This season, as much as it's been a test for all, of how our characters are changing within Virginia's communities, it's also a sense of how Virginia is being tested because things have not exactly gone her way. We've been seeing Virginia tested in a lot of ways," Goldberg said during WonderCon@Home 2021. "You see someone who, when we first introduced her, was so confident. Now, the walls are starting to close in around her, and she's becoming more erratic and more desperate. We're seeing she's becoming more and more potent."

Virginia lost a hand, and nearly her life, when this new threat sabotaged her Tank Town community earlier in the season. Whoever or whatever they're after, the unnamed group leaves a calling card in the form of spray-painted graffiti seen throughout Season 6: "The end is the beginning."

Chambliss added Virginia is "back on her heels" now that Dakota is with Morgan, who wants to secure the safe release of a number of his friends, including a heavily pregnant Grace (Karen David). "[Virginia is] cornered and she's kind of like a wounded animal. So there's going to be lots of unexpected stuff coming from her."

June Dorie (Elfman), meanwhile, longs to reunite with her new husband, who left her behind when he escaped Virginia's clutches before the midseason break in November.

"I'm so excited about the back half… because the entire thing gets extremely potent for every character. Every character is going to be hit by impacts of life that truly change them, that will launch us into Season 7, in a way that catapults the story," Elfman said. "It's more change than any of these characters have gone through on Fear yet, which I think is thrilling."

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