The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Godspeed Returns in "Pay the Piper"

Last week on The Flash, Barry discovered that the woman he was interacting with wasn’t Iris, but a Mirrorverse creation and that his actual Iris is lost somewhere. Finding Iris – as well as the also-missing real Kamilla and real Singh – has to go a bit on the backburner, however as Godspeed has returned and is threatening Central City if Barry doesn’t surrender what’s left of his speed. But with his speed waning, how will Barry take on Godspeed? Find out in our recap below!

Warning: spoilers for The Flash “Pay the Piper” below.

The episode opens with Joe in witness protection when Barry shows up and surprises him. He's come to tell him about Iris and is worried that he can't save her this time. Joe believes in him. Barry then breaks the news to Team Flash and Cisco takes a bleak approach, suggesting that the real Iris, Kamilla and Singh are dead. Cecile calms everyone down and the team sets out to try to find their missing friends.

In the Mirrorverse, Iris is starting to struggle with the neuro dissonance as she makes a video for Barry should he find the video but not her. In the real world, Barry is trying to figure out the artificial speed force when Godspeed shows up. Nash is able to save Barry, but Godspeed gets away.

Team Flash tries to sort out what's going on with Godspeed and discover that he is using sonics to steal the speed from other speedsters. They'll need Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper, but he hates The Flash because things went awry during their last showdown in this post-Crisis timeline, resulting in his right-hand man, Rodrick, being gravely injured. Ralph goes to see Frost and discovers that Frost is apprehensive to go see Caitlyn's mom for help that she seriously needs for her wound.

Flash confronts Pied Piper and tells him that he thinks that he can help Rodrick, but Hartley says that no one can. He's tried. The Flash has Nash come in and explain how he thinks that Rodrick can be saved. Hartley agrees to help them with Godspeed if they fix Rodrick.

In the Mirrorverse, Iris finds Kamilla at the Mirror STAR Labs. She's trying to figure a way out using the items the Mirror Gun previously sent there.

At STAR, Nash carries out the plan to save Rodrick using Allegra's help and while it initially appears to work, it fails. Hartley leaves and refuses to help them. Godspeed then shows up and threatens Barry, giving him an hour to comply with his demands or the city will suffer.

After a pep talk from Nash, Barry figures out why Hartley is so heartbroken about Rodrick. It turns out Rodrick is Hartley's boyfriend and he also blames himself for what happened. Barry gives him an opportunity to help if Hartley wants to. An alarm sounds. Godspeed is at Iron Heights and has taken the speed of the "Godspeed drones".

Barry races off to deal with Godspeed and a speedster chase begins, but Barry's speed runs out while he's racing up a building. Fortunately, Pied Piper comes to help him. Pied Piper also has a plan to stop Godspeed: they just have to replicate the lightning plus soundwave incident that hurt Rodrick and use it on Godspeed. The "crossing streams" works. Godspeed is down, but after crashing onto a car, he starts "bleeding" some weird blue substance. Turns out, it's charged sound -- and it may be the solution to fixing Rodrick. It works. Rodrick is saved.


Not such a happy ending with Godspeed, though. Even though they've caught him, this Godspeed also became something of a "Godspeed drone". The real one is still out there and still wants Barry's speed.

Barry gives the team a pep talk about how they're going to face Eva and get back those they love. Cisco has an idea to save Iris and the others: a perpetual motion machine and the one piece they need is in Atlantis. Elsewhere, Eva wakes up in some sort of sarcophagus ready to take on her husband.

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